The Buck-White Dog Blog . . .

. . . was almost the name of this place, but there’s much more to talk about than just dogs.  We’ll cover everything from living in Las Vegas (yes, it’s hot.  Yes, it really is a dry heat.  No, we don’t live in a casino) to taking care of Labrador Retrievers (basically, just let them eat what they want – they’re going to throw it up later anyway).   We take some pretty cool vacations (mainly on cruise ships or anywhere there’s water) and have opinions about all kinds of stuff.

The dogs will mainly be running this site so who knows what could occur to them – but they are also on Facebook as BuckWhiteBoys and on Twitter as, yep, @BuckWhiteBoys.


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One response to “The Buck-White Dog Blog . . .

  1. Boyd

    You don’t live in a casino? My grand illusion of your spangley palace home is shattered. As is the thought of a topless maid who vacuums in full headdress. You probably aren’t even friends with Elizabeth Berkley. Poo…

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