Toy Review Tuesday!

We had a trainer once who told us “A dog should only have one, maybe two, toys.”  Truly it makes sense — it teaches the dog to focus, they assign value to THAT toy, etc. etc. etc. blah blah blah.

But then there’s also the philosophy, “He Who Dies with the Most Toys WINS!”  The Buck-White Boys ascribe to that.  And while death isn’t imminent, WE.  ARE.  WINNING!

So this is the first in our weekly series – Toy Review Tuesday – where we discuss the best toys.  Best means they can stand up to labs, heavy chewing and frequent use.  They have to be interesting (squeakers, rattle, crunchy, etc.), humorous (for the humans) and, above all, FUN.

This week’s toy is the penultimate toy, ’cause it’s the one that got Barclay in the pool.  The Buck-White Boys are proud to endorse and recommend —- the Flappy Dog Toy!  There’s a bunch of varieties and you can check them out at  Our favorite is the Floaty Flappy.

Barclay has always been a little stand-offish of the water — he’d much rather chase everyone around the pool and steal their toys from them when they’re trying to get out:  Barclay Steals Toys.

Then Barclay discovered the Flappy Toy and who knows what clicked in his little lab brain, but that was the toy he had to have.  But it was in the water.  With Aunt Denise.  Flappy Toy + Aunt Denise was too much to resist aaaaand . . .

And then he was all, “Aunt Denise who?!?”  Couldn’t keep the B-man out of the water and ever since then, as long as Flappy Toy is around, Barcle Bunny Foo Foo is a Water Dog.

The Buck-White Boys give the Flappy Toy a hearty A+ and think its a must-have for all homes with Labs.  Which should be all homes.

(photos courtesy of David Heck)


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