Toy Review Tuesday

Tucker asked to take Toy Review Tuesday ’cause it’s alliterative and he’s terrific like that.

Today’s tale is about the most tremendous, tantalizing toy ever.  It is, by turns, terrible, traditional, trivial and taxing.  It can tee off a train of truly tumultuous trips.  Its tincture is familiar to everyone but tempting to only a few.  It’s track record is a telltale sign of its trustworthiness.

It is . . . .

The humble Tennis Ball

Put quite simply, there is no other toy that elicits so much excitement.  Period.  The tennis ball is It.  If Tucker were stranded on desert island and could only take one toy, he’d take his tennis ball (but wonders if maybe a BAG of tennis balls would count as one toy).

What is it about the tennis ball that sets dogs a-drooling.  Well, for Tucker, it’s bonding time.  Tucker LOVES to have someone lay on the floor with him (while they’re watching TV or something else but he’d prefer they focus all their attention on him) and will chase the ball as often as anyone will throw it.

He’s very good at chasing after the ball and very good at bringing it back.  When he’s told to “Give!” he hikes his nose up in the air and throws it at you. And if you don’t throw it quickly enough he’ll nudge it ’til you do. This is all, of course, assuming Barclay and Oliver have been given strong sedatives or finally gone to Some Other Home where they belong (says Tucker).

Tennis balls can go ANYWHERE – they’re easy to transport, they fit in a lab’s mouth perfectly, they bounce, they roll, they’re fuzzy, they’re just, well, THE PERFECT TOY.  Period.

And they float!!  And they’re a great way to meet new friends!

There’s only one downfall about Tennis Balls.  SOME people can get rather greedy about them:




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2 responses to “Toy Review Tuesday

  1. Please ask Tucker why Labs enjoy having more than one tennis ball or more than one anything for that matter in their mouths? Inquiring dog lovers want to know. And indeed a tennis ball is a grey toy. Especially on a tennis court with a tennis racquet AND said dog. Thanks for sharing Tuck. We luvs you.

  2. Two of everything is ALWAYS better than one!! We’ve never been on a tennis court or seen a racket — but we’ll definitely post about the Chuck-It which sounds kinda similar. Hey, you cook good food — when’re you coming back?!?

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