Toy Review Tuesday

This Tuesday really needs a toy review — everybody’s been a little under the weather (meaning, the Hoover Steamvac has REALLY gotten a workout), everybody’s been busy and everybody’s just a little on edge.   So what better way to unwind from all of that than with everybody’s favorite . . . TUFFY TOYS!

These things are the best – seriously.  They’ve gotten every one of the Buck-White boys from puppy chew phase to “adulthood” and every point in between.

Probably everyone’s favorite here is alien guy:

Alien Guy is clearly well loved – he’s got multiple grippy points and he takes a lickin’ but keeps on being one-eyed Alien Guy.  He’s good for throwing, carrying, chewing and many other gerunds as well.  He’s also a great choice for Suicidal Bunny, but that’s a story for another post.

Then there’s Mr. Giraffe.  Mr. Giraffe has been a Buck-White since Christmas Day 2009 and he’s showing his age pretty well.  He’s a little bigger and harder to carry, but he’s great when you’re feeling a little sad, a little mouthy and just need to chew on something soft.

Or for fighting with your brother.

Puh-teradactyl is pretty cool — ’cause he flies!!  (Not really, but he makes flying noises and has wings that are fun to grab on to and run around with).


Aggilator is also awesome (and a good example of assonance).  Aggilator is especially friendly for puppies with nasty little sharp teeth that need to just gnaw on somebody.

Aggilator has seen better days and could probably use a good stitch up.  BUT that’s the great thing about Tuffy Toys — they’re kind of quilted, so even when they do get their seams ripped through they don’t get vivisected.  Like some toys.

Real Tuffy Toys all have the website embroidered on them.  Of course we buy ours from Auntie Kathy at Barking Dogs Self Wash & Grooming in Las Vegas.

Tuffy Toys are, well, TOUGH and since they hold up to these mouthy labs, they get our two paws up of approval.

And Oliver wanted to be sure he got a picture with a Tuffy Toy, too, since he hasn’t been around for a Christmas yet.


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