The Return of Toy Review Tuesday!

August has been a heckuva month and it’s been HOT and RAINY which means the Buck-White boys have not wanted to go outside at all and have consequently tried to christen the new carpet a few times.  ‘Cause Heaven forbid water dogs like labs get their precious ittle wittle paws all wet, poor little pud’ns.  Sarcasm is, indeed, just one more service we offer.

So, we’ve been a little bit of a hiatus but we’re BACK!  Just like stay-at-home Daddy is back to school, meaning we can actually get some sleep two days a week and not have to follow him around all the time.

This week’s toy of choice is  . . . . . (are you ready??  You’ve been waiting every Tuesday for weeks and we know you’re on the edge of your seat!!)

The Doggle Tri-Pull!!

(admit it, you plotzed a little, didn’t you?)

You can check out their whole line of stuff at:

This thing is great — it’s tough and really holds up to tugging well, there are multiple places to grab hold of, more than one dog can tug on it and its got a handle for humans, it’s made of eco-friendly recycled fabrics and — (if the announcement got you, this will send you over the edge) — there are SQUEAKERS in each end!!

It’s kind of really awesome as Barclay and Oliver demonstrate:

Barclay and Oliver are joined this week by Jordan, their foster sister.  She’s a seven-year old sweetheart looking for a forever home and you can find out more about her at or LVLR’s blog.

This toy really takes a licking — and biting, pulling, tearing, throwing, you name it.

It also engenders brotherly love.  Or competition.  Same diff.

The Doggle Tri-Pull is also really awesome for a game of Suicidal Bunny:

Suicidal Bunny is going to need its own post some day, but, in short Suicidal Bunny hops along the banister, nothing left to live for, down he goes.  The Suicidal Bunny theme song (you’d know it if you heard it – it’s a kid’s song) will bring all the dogs to the upper landing where they will bark and bark and bark until Bunny does himself in by leaping from the rail.  Suicidal Bunny is not dependent upon an actual Bunny.  Any toy will do.

We’re pretty sure we got our Doggle Tri-Pull at, where else, Barking Dogs.   But it’s a definite must-have for a multiple dog household


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