Toy Review Tuesday – 10/23/2012

Hey, we’ve been going through some changes – both Dads are working from home now and apparently Oliver is staying forever and it’s been a little wacky around the Buck-White house.  But we’ve started hiking every Sunday (have you seen the pictures on Facebook?)  And we still love our toys.

One of our ABSOLUTE favorites?  This guy – the PetQwerks Animal Sounds X-Tire Ball.

You cannot possibly understand how totally, fundamentally, amazingly awesome this toy is.

It comes in two sizes – large and small (5″ and 3.5″).


And it makes a staggering number of barnyard/jungle animal noises:

It can cause quite the possessive battle, so if you’ve got more than one dog, you’re gonna want more than one X-Tire ball:

But it is, without a doubt, Tucker’s absolute favorite toy:


Two cautions with this toy:

1)  As you can probably tell from the video, we love, love, love to chew it.  But it rips off in little pieces sometimes so we’re really not allowed to hold on to it for long.  A game of fetch or running around with it, but we shouldn’t be left alone with it.

2)  Apparently the human Buck-White Boys don’t like it when it’s left in random places and they stumble over it in the middle of the night.  Something about “Bleepity bleep blankety blank blank Aunt Kathy that brought that bleepity bleep bleep ball with that blankity bleep monkey noise” or something like that.  We think its funny.

You can order ’em from Amazon or some of the big box pet stores or even, sometimes, at HomeGoods or Marshall’s.


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  1. Thanks for the update boys!! Love you all!

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