Boo’s Halloween Advice

When Barclay was just an ittle wittle punkin he looked just like Shirley’s (as in Laverne & . . . ) stuffed cat Boo Boo Kitty.

So its fitting that he would blog today about how to survive Halloween with pets around the house.  Some advice:

1) Tricks (and Treats) are for Kids:

All that candy is really yummy and really tempting but chocolate especially is really, really bad for dogs.  As much as they may beg and really want it, it’s just not good for them.  And there’s all kinds of other things in other treats that can be bad for ’em too, like artificial sweeteners, coloring, etc.  It’s best just not to feed ’em anything Halloween related.

But if they have to snack along with everyone else, keep a bag of baby carrots around for a yummy, cheap, satisfying and orange-colored treat!  Nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom.

(but no olives!!  Image source:

If you think your dog’s gotten hold of something it shouldn’t, call your vet immediately or the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center at (888) 426-4435.

2) Be careful around Jack O’ Lanterns

Pumpkin is actually pretty darned good for dogs — especially if they’re having tummy/digestive issues.  But like everything – in moderation.  Too much can ’cause the reverse effect of good digestion.  Watch out for dogs chewing on jack o’ lanterns, especially the non-pumpkin parts like stems the outside of a pumpkin, etc.  And definitely be careful with excited dogs around lit candles.

3)  Doorbells

Man, do we love the doorbell!  We love to bark and scratch and jump and cry and whine and jump and bark — ’cause whatever is on the other side of that door has GOT to be better than what’s in here.

But frequently opening doors and ringing bells can be pretty stressful for dogs – and all those scary costumes on the other side can be frightening.  Be careful opening the door so we don’t get out – we can run pretty quickly before you even notice.  Our Dads hang out outside so the kids don’t ring the bell.

4) Costumes

According to the National Retail Federation ( 15.1% of those who celebrate Halloween will dress up their pet in costume.  A further unscientific poll reveals 100% of pets will be embarrassed and hate it.

Except for Oliver.  Who loves everything and ran around going, “I’m a BEE!  I’m a BEE!  I’m a BEE!” and eating carrots.

Just as you would with kids, pay close attention to animals in costume.  Be sure there’s nothing restrictive for motion or sight, make certain there’s no little dangly parts that could be chewed — and if there are, pay close attention to the animal while they’re in costume.  The Buck-White Boys only wore theirs for the photo op.  (We need lives, it’s as simple as that).  And if you take the animal trick-or-treating, pay close attention, make sure the costume is reflective, that leashes and collars are well attached and they have all their tags on their collars.

Remember, holidays are the times when shelters see the most animals come in because they get loose, scared, run away, etc.  But following a few simple guidelines can help ensure that you and your Fur-Kids have a great Halloween.  For more information, please visit the ASPCA’s guidelines on ensuring a safe Halloween for everyone.


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