The Buck-White Boys Tackle the Issues

We think it is important to clarify where we stand on the major political issues affecting the 2012 election and we hope that our opinions will encourage others to formulate their own based upon their beliefs and the facts they research.  We do not endorse a particular candidate and believe that, above all, what is most important is to vote – make your voice be heard.  Should we be selected for candidacy – running on the Lab-a-Tarian party ticket, the below is a statement of our beliefs for the record.

The Economy

We believe that with proper allocation of resources everyone will have enough to meet their needs.

Job Creation

We believe that everyone who wants a job and needs a job should have a job.

Foreign Policy

Diplomacy should always be the first step before resorting to military aggression.


Only when it is absolutely necessary should we enter into another country’s conflict.  But if we have to, we should be prepared with the best military possible.

National Debt and the Deficit

We should never bite off more than we can chew.


Many of our health issues can be taken care of with good nutrition, exercise and rest.  But when anyone gets sick, they have a right to excellent care.  And snuggles.  Snuggles will cure most things.


A quality education is critical for success.  Everyone should get one.


We are open and welcoming to all who contribute to our well-being.

Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action

Everyone has an equal voice that should be heard.

The Environment

We believe in encouraging conservation of our natural resources.


Everyone should put in their fair share and carry their own weight.

Women’s Issues

We believe in a woman’s right to choose (between a black lab and a yellow lab)


We believe in the right of everyone to pursue their own happiness

Marriage & Family

We believe that families are made up of all different shapes and sizes and colors and numbers and genders and that what matters most is love.

But what matters most of all is that your voice be heard so don’t forget to raise your paw and VOTE!





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4 responses to “The Buck-White Boys Tackle the Issues

  1. Sadie wants to know if she can sign up to be a Lab-a-Tarian party member….

  2. Always the voice of reason, Lab antics, sanity not Hannity and humor. Vote Buck White but if they are not on the ticket just vote!

  3. You are the smartest boys! And HOT too!

  4. christianna blahnik

    I LOVE THIS! I vote for the LAB LEADERS

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