Awwwww, chuck it.

Now that the election shenanigans are over we can return to our regularly scheduled broadcast of TOY REVIEW TUESDAY!!  It’s our favorite day of the week . . . well, other than Hiking Sunday.  Or dinner time every day.  Or nap time Wednesday.  Or basically any time we get a cookie.

So, this week’s toy is really our favorite for park time. When the Chuck-It comes out, we know we’re getting a Bye-Bye in the Car AND a trip to the P-A-R-K (which has been spelled so many times in front of us, we now know that it spells PARK!)  The appearance of the Chuck-It makes us all just a little excited.

The Chuckit!, made by Canine Hardware, is basically a ball launcher.  A plastic “scoop” that’ll hold a tennis ball and you use it to throw the ball.

There are specially made Chuckit balls, but any tennis ball will do.  So, what’s the big deal about it?  DISTANCE!!  The Chuckit will launch the ball much farther than you can throw it . . .

Our dog park is probably 150 – 200 yards long . . . the Chuckit will launch that ball from one end to the other.  And all three of us will chase it from end-to-end until we drop!

You can get a lot of height and a lot of distance using the Chuckit.  It really gives us a workout.


Probably the best part of the Chuckit! at least for the humans, is that you don’t have to touch the ball – so when it comes back all slobbery and covered in dirt and grass and ick (and it’s PERFECT), you don’t have to touch it to pick it up and throw it again.

Canine Hardware makes a whole host of other Chuckit! products — we also have their flyer (like a frisbee but better) and their bumper/water toy, which we love.  But nothing beats the Chuckit! for a good afternoon at the park.  And a lot of tired labs afterwards.



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  1. standrewracine

    As older age approaches, the chuckit is perfect for my dad wirth torn rotator cuffs and arthritis. He throws me the ball and I run. He thinks I don’t know that he brings two balls so the throwing can go on nonstop! BOL — Sadie in Spearfish

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