Your Fur-Kids will Thank You for No Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is wonderful – our favorite holiday of the year.  This year our buddy Winchester is coming over to play!  This is Winchester:

Don’t tell Oliver, but Winchester almost got to stay ’cause he’s so awesome.  But then he almost went to stay with Auntie Diana, but as it turns out he’s now with Uncy Rob and Auntie Kristie and that’s even awesomer.  But that’s not the point . . .

Winchester has that face, y’know, that says, “I’m sad. Feed me.”  (Whenever Winchester talks you have to read it in the voice of Dug from UP).

RIGHT?!?  Uncanny, isn’t it.  SQUIRREL!!

Anyway.  No matter how much Dug, er, um, Winchester or Tucker or Barclay or Oliver beg and plead to be a part of Thanksgiving, they really shouldn’t.  Even if they look like this:

First of all, unless your pups are already on a raw food diet or a very specific human-grade/canine approved diet, they should never, never, never, never get people food.  Especially table scraps.  Our little tummies are pretty sensitive, our digestive system is very different from yours (its shorter!) and our body chemistry doesn’t process food the same way.  Around Thanksgiving some of the particulars that are dangerous are:


Never give us the carcass or bones of a turkey (or chicken or duck or really any animal that you didn’t specifically buy at a pet store or for pet consumption).  Their bones are very brittle, they can splinter and get caught in our throats, puncture our tummies, you name it.  Bad business, those bones.


Sure, potatoes can be ok for us – sometimes.  So can sweet potatoes.  And carrots.  But once they’re mixed with lots of butter and salt and gravy and onions (like in stuffing), they become really dang-er-ous.  Fatty human foods can cause pancreatitis in dogs — and it’s really rough on us.  Like, can kill us rough on us.  Turkey skin is especially bad, too.  We’ll have some suggestions for things we CAN have at the end . . .


Things like sage can make us really, really sick.  It would take a LOT to do it, but have you ever seen Oliver counter surf?  He’s one guy that could pull off eating too much sage or something at the holidays.  Don’t leave stuff laying (lying?) around where we can get to it.


It was funny to feed your dog beer when you were in a frat.  Except for the fact that the dog probably got sick and didn’t live as long as it could have because DOGS CAN’T AND SHOULDN’T CONSUME ALCOHOL.  Dogs, however, should totally come up with a game of kibble pong . . . with a tennis ball.  Awesome.


Hey, you know what makes those yummy rolls rise and be puffy at Thanksgiving?  Yeast.  You know what yeast needs to expand?  Warmth.  Guess what it is in a dog’s stomach.  Yup.  Warm.  ‘Nuff said.


Chocolate (very bad), Onions (very bad), Nuts (especially macadamias) — all of these can make us very, very sick.  Please save us from ourselves and don’t feed them to us.


Look, we like our routine — you’re going to be stressed, there are people coming over, there are hot dishes on the stove, you name it, it’s happening.  We pick up on all of that.  So, PLEASE, if you’re Thankful for us, help create a calm, quiet environment for us.  We may not act like we like it, but in our crate might be a good idea — at least we’re safe and out of the way.  Otherwise, please be sure to keep us out of the kitchen.  Take us to the park first thing in the morning so we’re kind of tired.  Find activities to keep us active and out of the way — but also part of the fun.  This would be a good time for the kids (especially those home from college) to take us for a walk.

Just be watchful and aware and know the dangers and we can ALL have a good Thanksgiving.

Now, some links where you can get more info:

And, of course, the ASPCA’s info is really top-notch.

And here’s some “food for thought” (pardon the pun) about how the holidays can affect us, too, at the Pet Health Network.

Now, if you want to make something for us (’cause, yeah, amid all that cooking you’re going to want to make something for the dog, RIGHT?!?), here are some ideas:

These from Animal Planet sound yummy!

We don’t know who “she” is but clearly She Knows the way to our hearts!

But the best are from The Honest Kitchen (which is where we get OUR food!  Yay for the Honest Kitchen!!  Nom nom nom nom nom!!)

And from our home to yours, a very Happy Thanksgiving!!


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