A Breath of Fresh Air

Have you ever heard the story about the wise guru who traveled the country sharing stories with people and encouraging holiness?  As part of his attempt to be enlightened, he always went barefoot – which meant his feet were beat up and sore all the time – and he only ever ate onions, which meant that he was very thin and sometimes weak and had awful breath.

That’s right, he was a super fragile calloused mystic vexed by halitosis.

We’ll pause a moment for you to think about that and let it sink in.


Speaking of halitosis (aka bad breath), we were asked earlier today what to do about a dog’s stinky breath.  OK, we weren’t asked directly but we inserted our opinion anyway.  So, let’s just get one thing cleared up right away — we’re dogs.  We get into stuff.  We lick our own wee-wees fercryinoutloud, our breath is not going to be a tiptoe through the tulips.  But if it’s extra special super stinky, probably something should be done about that.  Like, for example, we take fish oil supplements every day (our fur is sooooooo soft), and sometimes “woogedy kisses” smell like a bad day at Pike Place Market.

What to do?  Well, first things first is good oral hygiene.   There is a lot of information on the internet already about good oral hygiene for dogs, but this list from the ASPCA is very comprehensive and very good.

Admittedly it is hard to brush our teeth every day ’cause we’re pretty squirrely and don’t like people sticking stuff in our mouths.  Unless its a yummy treat.  Or kibble.  And since we don’t sit still for very long and get a little restless, we’ve found that the Bamboo Quadbrush from Bamboo (where “Pets are Kids too.”  DUH!!) pet products works really well because it gets all sides at once.

quadbrushbristlehead.jpgQuadbrush-all-colors.jpg(source:  http://www.bamboopet.com/products/detail/dog/1/5/810268)

Chewing is also really, really good for our teeth, too.  There are a LOT of great products out there that can really help clean our teeth if we’re encouraged to chew the right things.  Nylabone makes some wonderful dental chews, so does Greenies, just to name a couple of the top brands.  Your veterinarian can also make some good recommendations or so can your local pet store.

We’ll get back to the vet in a minute, but our local pet store (Barking Dogs Self Wash & Grooming) carries some really terrific stuff (and the owner knows EVERYTHING about doggie health and nutrition — (please shop at your local pet store if you really want to get good info from passionate people who know their stuff) — carries Elk Antlers from Wapiti Labs.  Shut the front door are these things YUMMY!  And they’re really good for busting plaque off our back teeth.  It’s how we’d do it if we were still wild dogs.

Oliver chewing an elk antler from Wapiti Labs.

Tucker chewing an elk antler from Wapiti Labs

All of that is very good, but you should definitely take us to the vet for regular dental check ups.  Good dental maintenance will help avoid lengthy and costly procedures like extractions and root canals and stuff.

But good dental health isn’t going to guarantee good, fresh breath either.  So, for those in-between times we really, really like the Fresh Breath line from Tropiclean.  We use both the water additive and the clean teeth gel — super easy to use, smells great, we like the taste and the attention, so for us its good stuff!

The funny thing is, though, that the bottle kind of looks like a bottle of lemon-lime soda and when one of our daddies is really tired or not paying attention, sometimes they try to drink it.  THAT’S FUNNY!!  Silly daddies.  It’s ok, though, cause TropiClean uses only natural ingredients, their bottles are recyclable and made from recycled materials here in the US of A.

Water Additive (33.8 oz.)

So, with a little diligence and attention you can help us keep our pearly whites pearly white AND our breath less sewer-like all at the same time.  In other words, don’t give oral hygiene the brush off.



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