Toy Review Tuesday, Christmas Wish List edition

It’s beginning to look a lot like . . . . . stuff we wanna get for Christmas!!!  We’re having a very hard time controlling ourselves ’cause they brought a tree IN THE HOUSE and then put all these balls ALL OVER IT and then yell at us for touching it.  So, that makes this Toy Review Tuesday even more important ’cause we need a distraction.

One year for Christmas we got this super-cool-crazy-fun toy that Daddy really, really liked.  So, he was at the store and went to buy it, but they wouldn’t let him.  He was mad.  Other Daddy said, “We can’t afford it anyway.”  And he was sad (we would have been to, if we had known.)  Guess what?!?  On Christmas Morning, there was the toy!!  Other Daddy had bought it and wanted it to be a surprise.  It was this:


OK, it’s kind of been through a lot since that Christmas of 2010 but it’s holding up really, really, really well.  Oh!  What is it?  It’s  a Tugzee from A Cheerful Pet!

Essentially it’s a super long tug toy — ours is about six feet long, maybe?  It’s perfect for lazy daddies who want to sit on the sofa and complain about how out of shape they are while we tug our little hearts out!


It’s got a handle on one end and a ball-shaped, uh, ball at the other end.  With fringe.  So, like, you can throw the ball and we’ll chase it and grab it and then tug on it.  It’s like the best of both worlds!!

It’s really pretty durable and holds up very well — especially with two strong dogs pulling at it hard:

And, to parody another famous toy, it goes up stairs with one dog or pairs:

Here’s the best part.  Can you guess what it’s made of?  (No fair cheating if you’ve already looked up A Cheerful Pet‘s website!)

Boiled Wool!   Wait, what?  Yep, that’s right — Boiled.  Wool.  Daddy’s from the South so he sometimes says “Bald Wool” and then goes rambling on about how much he misses “Bald Peanuts” but that really they’re actually kinda gross but they’re comforting when it’s cold out and you stop and pick ’em up by the side of the road and they’re hot and warm you up and, oh, it’s like a taste of childhood and happy memories and then we have to say, “DADDY! Focus on playing with US!”  Which actually comes out as:  

But we digress — all of A Cheerful Pet’s toys are handcrafted by artisans in Nepal.  We’re just going to quote directly from their website:

By purchasing our products, you are helping Nepali women provide for their families and giving them an enriched quality of life. Also, any product purchased from our PUMA collection provides food, shelter and education for the children of the PUMA orphanage in Nepal. For more information on PUMA, please visit


So, if you get any of their products or toys, you’re getting an awesomely fun, durable dog toy (that’s Buck-White Boys endorsed, for what that’s worth) and you’re helping people in another part of the world.  It’s a win-win.  You should get a bunch!  And send them to us if you don’t want them all.   We got ours — of course! — at Barking Dogs Self Wash & Grooming in Las Vegas (’cause they’re super cool and have a real philosophy of giving back and supporting communities so it makes sense they sell them!)  But you can contact A Cheerful Pet and find out where they’re sold in your community.

We really love this toy and think you will too.  Let us know what you think on either our Facebook Page or Tweet Us!  Or you can leave a comment below.  We’d love to hear from you and know what you think about our reviews, what you’d like to see, what toys are your favorite — just anything you’d like to share.

Now, we will say that not everybody understand the Tugeez.  Tucker doesn’t quite get the point:


But even so, we all have fun anyway!


p.s.  It says on A Cheerful Pet‘s website that Proverbs 12:10a says, “A righteous man cares for the needs of his animal.”  So, it’s in the Bible so you kinda hafta get one.  We’re just sayin’ . . . .



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3 responses to “Toy Review Tuesday, Christmas Wish List edition

  1. Wow, your one dad must be from where I live now. We have lotsa boiled peanuts!

  2. I think Santa ordered me a Tugzee today! Thanks for the tip! They have so much cool stuff Santa wanted to order one of everything!

  3. WHOO HOOO!! That’s so exciting – can’t wait to hear how you like it!

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