On the third day of Christmas . . .

It finally started to feel like Christmas today — it was cold and breezy in Vegas, we’d had about two days of rain and there is snow on the mountains all around us.  Beautiful!  But we dogs wound up cooped up all day yesterday and today ’cause, well, rain!

But, Oliver did get to go training class today!  He goes to Mind Your Manners and we LOVE Zara and are learning a LOT and really, really, really recommend it.  Especially if there’s freeze-dried sweet potato and dehydrated chicken involved!











OH! And we got to go meet Santa Paws today and tell him what we wanted for Christmas which is, duh, toys, kibble and more bye-byes in the car.











So we’re feeling much more in the holiday mood now as we hit . . . .

The Third Day of Buck-White Christmas

On the third day of Christmas, the Buck-Whites gave to me

Three food bowls









Two chewy bones


This is one of our foster sisters who came in and stole our bones, but it’s ok ’cause she found her furever home! And left our bone with us.









And a yellow lab whose name begins with “T”



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