Toy Review – Twelve Days Tuesday

Christmas is ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!  Not that we’re excited or anything.  We’ve been busy, busy, busy and got a little behind on our blogging, so bear with us while we get caught up.

And this will really be our last “Toy Review Tuesday” of 2012 so we wanted to make it really special and share our favorite holiday toy.  Actually, it’s Barclay’s favorite holiday toy and you’ll see why in a minute.

This week’s Toy Review Tuesday – Christmas Edition features . . .

The Really-Obnoxious-Jingle-Bell-Playing-Hand-Puppet-From-Hell, or ROJBPHPFH for short.



Remember Odie from the Garfield comics?  Yeah, it kind of looks like Odie – but on meth cut with yellow snow.

This is what it does:

And this is what it makes Barclay and The Boys do:

As you can see, they love it.  Barclay loves anything that makes noise and moves.  Trouble is, when he gets a hold of it, it’s toast – so the ROJBPHPFH only comes out for very, very special occasions.

(Buck-White Boys Dad’s Note:  Let’s be really honest – this is not a dog toy and giving a dog anything that has small electronic parts, batteries, on/off switches and the like can cause a safety hazard, a potential for choking and other concerns.  Please be very careful in allowing your pets to play with anything like this.  The Boys have never been allowed to get ahold of this toy; it is only used in very, very special occasions during playtime and the boy’s are given a treat or bone following a session which is very well supervised by two responsible (a-hem, no comments, please) adults).

But it is a heckuva lotta fun when used appropriately and safely!

Thanks for helping us kick off Toy Review Tuesday this year.  If you have any favorite toys you’d like to see reviewed, let us know and we’ll be happy to take a shot at it.  Looking forward to some great toy reviews in 2013.  We’re thinking a stuffed Mayan calendar with squeakers might be a good idea.


Now it’s time to get caught up on the 12 Days of Buck-White Christmas.  And-a-one, and-a-two . . .

On the Sixth Day of Christmas, the Buck-Whites gave to me

Six cups of kibble











Five Ripped Up Toys











Four tennis balls









Don’t these look like a lot of fun from Greg Robert Pet Supplies?  Which we discovered while Googling tennis ball images.

Anyway . . . .


Three food bowls










Two chewy bones











And a yellow lab whose name begins with “T”


Puppy First Weekend 089








(yes, that’s really Tucker at 10 weeks old – breaks your heart, don’t it?)


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