Twelve Days of Buck-White – what day is it?!?!?

Boy oh boy, what a day this has been!  If you follow us on Twitter (and if you don’t, why not?  Yeesh!) then you know our Dads went to a party last night and din’t take us and fed us early and we promised we’d make it up to them really, really early today.  And we did.

Do you know this song?

Dad usually sings it, “So raise your paw if you are Barclay . . . ” cause Barclay loves it when you put his name in songs; he’s needy that way.  But, um, well, let’s just say we DID wake Dad up early and he changed the lyrics and posted this on Facebook:

I “love”when it’s all too much
5 am bring the steam cleaner up
Where’s your other dad?

Carpet pooper, garbage snooper 
Wake me up and be a trouper
What is wrong with you?

So lick your bowl if you’re a dog
The labrador kind
Yellow ones and black
You will never be, never be anything but bad, you crazy dog-types

Won’t you come on and come on and go outside?
Just come on and come on and go outside?

Dad’s funny when he’s not awake yet!  AND we have clean carpets.

Christmas is 6 Days Away now!  Are you ready?  If you’re looking for something for that hard-to-please pooch on your list, we’ve made new friends on Twitter with the folks at Wag In A Box.  What a cool idea!  Once a month you get a box with lots of surprises in it for your fur-kids — it could be toys or snacks or balls or snacks or . . . oh, gosh, there’s another song coming on . . . .

ANYWAY — we think this sounds pretty cool, but we have to admit we haven’t tried it yet.  But it gets rave reviews from our pals on Twitter.

Now, here’s the kicker and you know how we LOVE this . . .  for each box purchased they donate $1 to a worthy cause! Your pup gets surprises, Wag-In-the-Box gets community AND a charity gets help.  Win-Win-Win!

They also talk about important animal groups and stuff on their webpage called Paws for the Cause.  These folks have a heart and you should check ’em out – we’re looking into it, too and we follow them on Twitter at @WaginheBox and they have a nifty Facebook page where they’re running a contest where you could win a free month BUT you have to be a fan on Facebook, so go get on that.

We totally copied this from their website and hope they don't mind but it does link to them and we were getting pretty text heavy. Thanks Wag-In-A-Box!

We totally copied this from their website and hope they don’t mind but it does link to them and we were getting pretty text heavy. Thanks Wag-In-A-Box!

Now, you also know how we feel about supporting local business and how much we love, love, love our good friends at Barking Dogs Self Wash and Grooming . . . so don’t forget to buy local and support small business this Christmas, too.

Speaking of support, we’re kind of in awe of K9 Comfort Dogs and what they’re doing in Newtown, CT.  Dad’s gonna take Tucker next year to get trained for something like that but in the meantime if you wanted to make Christmas special for them you could go here and help them, even with just a little bit.  They’re kind of our heroes right now.

Wow, we kind of got on a soapbox there and we’ve written a lot so we’ll catch up on the Twelve Days tomorrow.  Cool?  You’re gonna love Day Ten.  Hint:  it has to do with leaping!

We’ll leave you with one of the outtakes from our Christmas photo shoot. We’d better be done with costumes or we’re gonna leave another yule log for Daddy somewhere.  (Was that too crude?  We thought it was funny, but maybe too far?  If it was, it came from our friend Auntie Elizabeth and it’s all her fault, not ours.  We’re just dogs.)




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2 responses to “Twelve Days of Buck-White – what day is it?!?!?

  1. Yeah, I’d go with the Yule log too if I had to dress up!

  2. You’re gonna need a rest after all this Christmas fun! Tell me the Dads don’t do New Year’s Eve costuming!!

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