Cranky Christmas Crafts

Something gets into our Dad during Christmas and he gets all crafty and creative and tries to do all this stuff.  Like this one year when he did chocolate-dipped pretzels with little sprinkles on them.  That was the year we had to have baby gates around the kitchen ’cause it was really, really messy and chocolate is bad for us.

This year, not so bad . . . since we can’t wear our costumes (THANK DOG!) all the time, we apparently had to have something festive for when company comes.  So we decided on double-sided bandanas.  Yay.

First thing, get some fabric with fun, festive colors.  Preferably stuff that’s really easy to take care of (read: machine washable).  Get as much contrasting colors as you like – whatever you think is fun.









Now, measure your dog’s neck:









Barclay is embarrassed that his neck size is being published and wants to stress that as a pedigreed purebred he has the breed standard of extra, flappy skin around his neck because he’d be totally able to dive into the cold waters of Newfoundland and chase waterfowl.  But it’s cold there and they don’t have sofas, so he’s fine where he is and no comments about his neck, thank you very much.

Now, measure and cut a square of material measuring about 1-2 inches more than the neck measurement.  So, Barclay measured at 21 inches, so his scarf was measured at 23 inches.









VERY IMPORTANT – during this phase, make sure you lie under the work area and stare guiltily up at your human and be underfoot as much as possible.

Now, once you have two squares cut from two different, contrasting fabrics, fold each in half on the diagonal to form a triangle.  Cut across the middle and you should have two triangles of equal size.  Do this with both fabrics.








(By the way, one of these is a really nice cozy flannel (the red one) and the white is just cotton.  That flannel will keep you warm, for sure, when it’s cold).

Still under foot and in the way?  Good.  You’re doing great.

OK, so now you’ve got to get these to stick together somehow.  Dad’s lazy and not going to sew.  So he bought this super-double-sided-sticky-stuff called “stitch witchery.”  You just iron it on the fabric and it sticks together.

It’s important though that you apply to the side of the fabric you want to be on the OUTSIDE, the side that people will see.  So, you iron the two nice sides of the triangles together.  Make sense?









Once you measure the sticky stuff and put the two pieces of material together over it, you put a damp cloth over it and press down for 10 seconds to make it bond.








Do this on TWO SIDES of the triangle.  On the THIRD side, only put the sticky stuff about 3/4 of the way down the length of the fabric, leaving a hole big enough to turn the bandana inside out.








OK, now once you’ve pressed the third side together, turn the whole thing inside out — so that the nice side is on the outside.  The side that people will see and go, “Awwwwwww, what a cute doggie!” and then give you cookies and scratch your ears.








Once you’ve turned it inside out, you should have a gap of about 2-3 inches, fold the fabric in so the seams line up and put a small piece of the stitch witchery stuff in there and iron it shut.









That’s it.  Give it an all over ironing so it’s all nice and stuff, but that’s it you’re done.









It’s really pretty easy and if you can sew, it’d probably be faster.  And you can do this for any season or holiday or birthdays.  They make great gifts.  Dad bought about 5 or 6 yards of fabric and got about 10 scarves out of it which made them like $2 – $3 each, all told.  Oh, wait, we just totally gave away a great money-making thing ’cause I bet we could have sold ’em for like $10.  Well, if you’re lazy and want to pay us $10 to make you one, we’ll do it!  🙂

Now, some tips:

1) Be sure to look pathetic during the whole process while your person does this.  Like, as if to say, “Hey, you know you could be taking us for a walk or throwing a ball or, oh, feeding us rather than mucking about with that nonsense, right?”










2) Be sure to look very, very pathetic when they put it on you.  Like it burns and you’re just suffering the indignity of it to get the cookie.  They’ll give you a cookie ’cause they feel so guilty and you’re so adorable.












3)  Whatever you do, look absolutely adorable but so, so sad.  You will get so much sympathy, extra cookies and probably a bye-bye in the car if you REALLY milk it.




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7 responses to “Cranky Christmas Crafts

  1. Hey pups nice to meet you! Those scarfs look pretty awesome. I’ve never seen that glue stuff before but it looks pretty handy.

  2. I’ve got lots of extra flappy skin around my neck too! Mom thinks this is a really great idea. I support anything that gets me more treats. I’ve gotten the looking pathetic thing down to a science, as well as the hanging out underfoot thing. When momma gets crafty, I like to position myself right under her crafting table and periodically let out a moan/sigh to remind her that she is neglecting me.

  3. Gorgeous…and keeps Dad busy thinking he’s useful and crafty. You should come visit…we have a lot of snow and the fleecy side would keep you warm while we play and romp. (Rocky would never let the Dad do that neck measuring thing either…he has lots of folds!)

    • It’s a long, long drive to where you are isn’t it? Barclay would probably sick up in the car and we just got his other end all sorted out. But we wanna meet Rocky really bad!! ‘Cause Oliver wants to romp in the yard and go, “Adrienne, Adrienne, Adrienne, Adrienne” ’cause he thinks that’s funny and doesn’t know he’s got the wrong movie.

  4. Cody & Katie

    We love our Buck-White Boys bandanas! Thank you so much!

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