Twelve Days of Buck-White Christmas

We truly hope that everyone who reads this has had as wonderful a Christmas as we have.  Ours was quiet – just the five of us – and fun and full of good food and happy times that we’ll talk about for another 12 months until we do it again.

We got a little busy this year and kind of fell by the wayside on our “12 Days of Buck-White Christmas” — sorry!  But our thumbs were running around everywhere (so were we) and never made the time to finish it!  So, here goes, here’s the whole happy hoo-ha deal:

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas the Buck-Whites gave to me

Twelve paws a-pawing

Eleven dog-tags jingling

Ten Olivers leaping

Nine Leashes Hanging

Eight Begs from Barclay

Seven labs a swimming

Six cups of kibble

Five ripped up toys

Four tennis balls

Three food bowls

Two chewy bones

And a yellow lab whose name begins with T

We did have some work, too, with “We Three Labs” and “We Saw Three Labs Come Running In” but we’ll have to save it for next year.  We’re full and happy and tired and wonderful.

From our house to yours, canine and human alike, we hope that you and yours have enjoyed this season of giving and caring and sharing.  And we truly hope in the promise of the returning of the light and the dawning of a new year that the next year will bring us all Peace, Comfort and Joy.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

-The Buck-White BoysBWBoys-RedRockXmas1-rs


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One response to “Twelve Days of Buck-White Christmas

  1. Does this mean that next year, We Three Labs will be dressed as Magi? You best get cracking on those costumes! Merry Christmas, Buck-White Boys!

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