2012 Goes Bye-Bye

2012 is almost over – about 8 more hours on the West Coast until we see 2013.  Doesn’t mean much to us, honestly, except we’ll get a lot more walks in the first month or so while Dads try to stick to their resolutions.  We’re hoping the stick with the walking thing this year – and the hikes we started this year have been GREAT!

Did you see our pictures from our hike yesterday?  IT SNOWED!  Kinda cool.

You can see the pictures from the hike on our Facebook page.

And because it’s rare we get to see snow, our Dad put a full minute of zen on our YouTube channel.  You can even hear us barking and Oliver whining:

As far as New Years itself goes, some our new friends on Twitter have really posted some great advice, like our fur-pals at Pawsitively Pets have this advice to offer.

And we pretty much covered the whole fireworks issue in our July 4th Independence post.  It all applies to New Year’s, too — no drugs or special equipment needed, just stay home with us, stay calm, make it not a big deal and we’ll ALL have happy, healthy New Year.

From all of us Buck-White Boys to all of you, best wishes for a wonderful, happy and healthy 2013.





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3 responses to “2012 Goes Bye-Bye

  1. Happy 2013, Buck-White Boys and Daddies!

  2. Hope you doggies and your dads have a great New Year! Thank you for the mention as well!

  3. Happy New Year guys! Did you make any resolutions?

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