Waist Not

We saw this great post from @DawgBlogger about showing off your dog’s waistline: Dawg Business

Well you know how we love a good picture and we think we are pretty sexy in a Labrador kind of way.

Here’s Tucker lookin’ all slim and trim — which is especially important as he just had to have his first “Senior” blood work done since he turned seven last year!

And this is Oliver with the happy, blurry tail. We think his metabolism is helped by that tail.

And Mr. Barclay Boo Boo Kitty who is the only one of us to have actually GAINED weight at the last vet appointments.

But we were all told that we were “perfect.” Duh.

We eat a good quality food (from California Natural and The Honest Kitchen and not too much of it. We get very few treats and then usually just cut up or baby carrots. And we get (a little bit, not enough) exercise.

It’s just really really important to talk with your vet . . . And then DO WHAT S/HE SAYS!!! . . . to keep us fit and healthy. And, as much as we hate to say it, even though we’re pitiful we are probably not really starving and don’t NEED that cookie.

But it sure would be good and we’ve been such good boys that we do DESERVE that cookie!

Now if we could just get Dads to be as good with their own waist lines!



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4 responses to “Waist Not

  1. Wow! I eat Innova and sometimes Honest Kitchen! Yay!

  2. Lookin’ good, you two! We just joined the campaign today.

  3. I’m late getting to this one, but it’s such a worthy blog-cause! I see far, far too many fat (and very unfit) dogs, and labs are – of course – one of the breeds that gain weight so easily that many people think they’re MEANT to be fat! If I ever see a fit lab while out walking my dogs, I always mention how good s/he looks and tell the owner how nice it is to see. I reckon they get too many of the ‘he’s too skinny’ type of comments and that they need the balance!
    I have greyhounds (love labs, but they shed too much hair!) so you’d think I’d have no problems with weight, but actually I do, with one of them! I still get the ‘he’s too skinny, why don’t you feed your dogs’ comments.

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