Dirty Deeds un-done

Oh My Dog, January’s been cra-zazy . . . The Buck-White Boys pack is all back together after Travel-Dad’s “business trips” and we had a nice weekend of just being slugs together, but we’re looking forward to catching up on our blogging.

Hey, it rained in Las Vegas last week — pretty unusual for us! But at our house that means two things:

1) Tucker doesn’t go potty until it stops and the backyard dries ’cause he’s a big wuss;

2) Wet, muddy, dirty paws!

Good thing we’ve got Dirt Dog Doormats from Dog Gone Smart.  (How was that for subtle?  Didja like the way we turned this into a product review without your noticing?)

Seriously, these things are great — super absorbent, kinda cool looking and they feel really good on our ittle wittle paws.

We keep one at the back door that everybody has to walk across before coming in:

Oliver showing off his paw wiping skills.

Oliver showing off his paw wiping skills.











And one underneath our water fountain ’cause we’re super slobbery and messy drinkers (like dad was in college):

Tucker at the Fountain

Tucker at the Fountain











They come in cool colors and they really are super absorbent – we love ’em.  And we just heard that they got them in at Barking Dogs Self Wash and Grooming in Las Vegas, so that’s where you can get ’em in town.  But their website also has a way to find out where you can get ’em near you. If you don’t live in Vegas.  Which means we should say to you, “Stay warm!”


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  1. It’s pretty hot here in Texas too! I have my AC on tonight because my little human baby has been all sweaty. I love how you subtly added that note about your dad in college! lol

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