Test Day!!

We’ve been singing this song all day:

Today  Tucker is taking his test to be able to register with Pet Partners as a therapy animal team!  We blogged about it earlier and since then we’ve taken classes, done some training sessions, practiced and we’re really ready!

The registration is as a team, so it’s testing Dad and Tucker both – and they’re both pretty calm and ready to go.  The T-Man spent most of the day just bein’ chill and resting up:










Tucker does however suffer from OCDD – Obsessive Compulsive Daddy Disorder.  There are some supplies you need to be a team:










Big blanket for lying on the floor, small blanket for putting on laps, a drool cloth just in case, a brush, breath mints for Tucker, anti-bacterial lotion.  It’s like a Doggy Diaper Bag for volunteering.

The rest of us would like to go, but we’ve been told we’re a) too little and b) too rotten, so we have to wait ’til we’re older:










Now, why would anyone think we’re too rotten?



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