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Several months ago we were given the opportunity to test food from on our most favoritest companies – The Honest Kitchen.  We were not good stewards of the trust shown to us and it has taken us this long to post our review.  Marketing and communications theorists will tell you “Never begin with an apology!” Well, we’re going to anyway because we’re very sorry, Honest Kitchen, that it took us this long.

We love . . . like LOVE . . . The Honest Kitchen.  Read a little bit of their history and you’ll see why.  The concept is phenomenal – human-grade, dehydrated food for us!  But it’s not just the “human grade” part, it’s that it’s good, wholesome, natural ingredients in a variety of tastes and flavors. Very, very healthy stuff that’s very, very good for us. In terms of quality it just beats anything on the market hands down.

The nice folks at Honest Kitchen sent us three types of food to try:  Zeal, Love and Force.


IMG_4333 IMG_4310 IMG_1728



We have all kinds of food allergies – and all three of us have different allergies, so finding us one kind of food we can all eat is TOUGH!  (If you haven’t done a food allergy test from the amazing folks at Glacier Peaks Holistics, DO IT!  We’ve had amazing results because of it – and it’s (relatively) inexpensive, easy and quick).  The good news is we could all eat these three foods!


It’s dehydrated!!  You just add some warm water, stir, let it sit and . . .

IMG_4337 IMG_4316 IMG_1733

Looks great, right?  We LOVE this food!!  Hard to tell which one was better than the other or what they tasted like . . . there wasn’t time we ate ’em so fast!  Liked the bowls CLEAN and then came back for more.  This stuff is so, so, so good!!!  And so good for us.   Read the ingredients by clicking one of the links above – chicken, papaya, bananas, green beans, celery, basil, alfalfa . . . not a processed “food” or chemical in the bunch!

The kind folks at The Honest Kitchen also sent along some treats:


They’re called “beams” and they’re pure Icelandic catfish skins.

Dads act like they have to put on a hazmat suit to get these things out but they are YUM-EEE-GOOD!  Ingredients:  Dehydrated Catfish Skin. That’s it!  How’s that for “honest”?

Before we got this wonderful box of yum, though, we were already Honest Kitchen fans.  We referred to them back around Christmas when Barclay got a case of the puppy poops.  And that Perfect Form stuff is AWESOME – nothing better for curing what ails you.  We also use their other supplements Sparkle and Invigor.  Go read more about them.  We swear by the stuff, especially Sparkle ’cause it turned Oliver’s coat from straw-like into soft, beautiful and gorgeous.


The one drawback with The Honest Kitchen’s food — to be honest — is it’s pretty pricey . . . especially for a home with three hungry labs.  Definitely using this as a primary source of food would cut down on vet bills later on ’cause we’d be so healthy.  We went through one ten pound box in a week, so now we get one a month to mix in with our dry kibble or for special occasions — like when we all just had dental work done or it’s our birthday or something.  Oh, but it’s so good.

AND they’re always innovating and coming out with new stuff.  Like this new product – dehydrated, human-grade, edible, veggie undies!!  They’re amazing.

Thanks Honest Kitchen! Keep up the yummy, good work!

Oh – we almost forgot. They also make food for cats.


Oh.  And they also make food for cats


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