Toy Review Tuesday – Suspicious Chicken

It’s been awhile since a Toy Review Tuesday, huh?  Today we get to feature one of our favorites . . . maybe even THE penultimate favorite toy.  Suspicious Chicken.


We are on our fourth, or fifth, Suspicious Chicken and we keep getting them because they’re awesome!  We tug ’em, toss ’em, carry ’em around, fling them off of things, leave ’em in the dirt . . . really one of the toughest toys we’ve found.


Suspicious Chicken is made by the fine folks at Fat Cat, which is a division of PetMate – they make all kinds of stuff, but Suspicious Chicken gets our vote for favorite.

We love their mission/focus statement:


“Creative Design” and “Outrageous Humor” sound right up our alley!

In the description, they say SC has “Maximum Floppability”!  It does . . . it’s made out of a really tough canvas with really tight seams, but the legs and wings are sewn individually, so it holds up to tough chewing, tossing and tugging.


It might fray around the ages, and bits might dangle off of it, but we’ve never seen the seams separate or stuffing come out (’cause we do love to vivisect our toys now and again).  It’s the right size to fit in our mouths, great to chase, great to drag around – this is just one durable, long-lasting, wonderful toy and no lab should be without one.  Pretty much any place that sells dog toys has ’em (even Target) so they’re pretty easy to find – let us know what you think when you pick one up!

But, hey, don’t just take our word for it . . . check out this picture we found when Google-ing “Suspicious Chicken”, click on it to go to that blog and see what they had to say about it.  We’re not alone in our love of the ol’ SusChick!!


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  1. Oh, I am I honored to be a part of your blog! I am so happy to meet the boys and share the love of the greatest stuffed chicken on the planet!

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