Have Vest; Will Therapy

We’re playing fast and loose with nouns as verbs in the title, but we’re dogs – most days we’re lucky to get typing done.

We are so encouraged and excited that the Comfort Dogs are in Boston – what a wonderful way to bring some happiness to an awful situation.  If you’re looking for a way to help, maybe you could float them a tenner or two, help a Golden brother/sister out.

Of course this hits close to home as Tucker is really starting to get in the groove of this Animal Assisted Therapy stuff.


It took a little while to find his stride and the right place.  But Dad was paying attention to all the signs and picked up pretty quickly that the first place they went – a children’s reading program – was not exactly Tucker’s favorite.

Tucker-tickle2 Tucker-Tickle

He just didn’t like being forced to lie down in one spot and there was a lot of running around and coming and going and it just wasn’t his thing exactly.  But that’s ok.  Our wonderful leader  Sue had this to say about it on her blog, Love Dog Adventures.

Dad was actually pretty dejected and thought maybe this wasn’t such a good idea, but what is it the song says?  Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again.

Turns out Tucker’s really pretty good at assisted living facilities!  He gets to walk around, poke into different peoples’ rooms who are thrilled to see him and be the charming guy that he is!


Remember awhile ago we told you about the woman who said that Barclay was just like her?  Turns out she loves Tucker and Tucker loves her.  And then there’s the other woman who was just sitting in her room, kind of watching TV . . . Tucker waltzes in and she got animated, and excited and started crying as she hugged him saying, “I just love him so much!”  We’re going back to see her as often as we can.

At our last visit, Tucker was done after about 45 minutes or so.  He was, well, “Tuckered Out.”



We’re heading out the door, but there was one more visit Tucker wanted to make.  Again, from Love Dog Adventures, the story is told really well.  But basically Tucker knew there was one more visit he needed to make . . . walked into a woman’s room who was in a lot of pain, had not been very responsive all day and was waiting for someone to help her into bed.  He walked in, leaned up against her wheelchair and as she put her hand on his head she broke into the loveliest, most beautiful smile.  He just knew.



So, yeah, looks like this is going to work out really well – for Tucker and for the people he meets.  He’s rooting for those Comfort Dogs in Boston and knows they’ll be bringing a lot of much-needed joy.




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3 responses to “Have Vest; Will Therapy

  1. Sue

    So proud of both of you! Each time you go to work you will discover and rediscover things about Tucker…and yourself.

  2. ::: clapping wildly! :::

  3. Oh, what a lovely story. Good for you guys and for Tucker. He worked hard loving all those folks. If I could, I’d give him a Beggin’ Strip!

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