An Update on Oliver

If you had told us on Saturday morning that this is where we’d be today (Monday), we wouldn’t have believed you.

On Sunday morning, everyone had breakfast as normal but about an hour later, Oliver threw his up . . . not unusual in a house full of Labs.  He seemed a little lethargic afterwards, but perked up when he was offered a PrideBite toy . . . but after playing for a bit, he threw up again.  Still, not that uncommon.

By noon, you could tell he was really lethargic and then, once he pooped, we really knew he was sick.  Especially since it was all over the dining room and looked like black tar (sorry to be gross, but this is what you get with, well, a house full of Labs . . . we know from different types of poop).

Here’s a happy picture of Oliver and Barclay to take your mind off the poop:









Off to the vet we go . . . who pretty quickly identified there was some internal bleeding happening, with the operating theory being a stomach or upper GI ulcer.  Oliver had to spend the night at the vet on an IV and have some tests run.  We called the vet this morning who said, “Well, we had a really weird night with Oliver . . . ”  Apparently he’d been bright and alert and wanting breakfast, but had also coughed up blood and had some diarrhea issues.  They’re going to keep him to run some more blood tests, etc.

To make a long story as short as possible, the next call we get was the one nobody wants – Oliver’s having severe issues and decisions will have to be made quickly, he needs to be moved immediately to the Emergency Veterinary Specialty Center.

We’ve known this Specialty Center since the original Buck-White Boy, Duncan, spent the last year of his life – they are wonderful people and amazing doctors.

Oliver really took a turn for the worse . . . he is severely anemic and was losing oxygen to some of his organs.  The number one priority is to get him stabilized – he has had a blood transfusion, IV meds and fluids and multiple other treatments.  He is currently in the Specialty Center’s ICU in an “oxygen crate.”  The vet said that the next day is critical in getting him stabilized and put him on a critical scale of 5, where 6 is the most critical.

We have our fingers and toes and paws crossed; Dads got to see him in the ICU and he looked good, he was sitting up and paying attention – which he hadn’t been previously, so it was looking like the transfusion and oxygen were helping.  But we are in a wait-and-see-mode.

We are EXTREMELY grateful for many things:

Town Center Animal Hospital – we love our vets there, and Dr. Brooks was so wonderful in his quick handling of the situation and calling in the specialists when needed;

Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care in Las Vegas – attached to the Las Vegas Veterinary Specialty Center. we know that Oliver is getting the best possible care that he could;

The Las Vegas Animal Blood Bank – without these wonderful volunteers, Oliver would not have had the transfusion he so desperately needed. Both Tucker and Barclay have tested and neither of them qualify as donors, but we support this amazing group as they save lives;

Pet Insurance – We don’t know 100% that this will be covered, but we do know that we can make decisions not solely based on finances . . . and that can mean that some of the most difficult decisions don’t have to be made right away.  We use PetPlan and highly recommend it – very helpful, timely and understanding;

And, of course, all of our friends and family who’ve sent great messages of support.  We’re not outta the woods yet – tonight and tomorrow are critical and the vet gave Oliver about a 50/50 chance.

So we wait and know that we’re doing absolutely everything we can.  We appreciate your thoughts and prayers and positive energy.  ‘Cause we need to see this goofy face again real soon.








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7 responses to “An Update on Oliver

  1. That under-the-desk shot is pure gold! Get well soon, Oliver!

  2. Sue

    So sorry to hear this about Oliver. He could not be in better hands with the care you’re getting for him … I know both places all too well … Benny and Petey and I are wishing you the best and a very speedy recovery so all the boys can be together again.

  3. Sending you “Healing Frenchie Vibes” Oliver! Yes, they work on Labs too!

  4. hope you received my email and sorry that I didn;t realize that this site was available til’ I re-read Sue’s email to me….my/our prayers are with you all..
    Boise an d the girls send puppy paw hugs and wet kisses…hang in there Clay, Mike and kids… i feel in my heart of hearts that he will pull through:).

  5. Sending much love and healing thoughts to Oliver from our three lab family!! Hope he is home soon.

  6. Karen Paquette and Lucy, Pet Partners

    Best wishes to you all and my prayers are for Oliver’s recovery.

    Our 6 year-old mutt, Bailey, had been very sick twice in the last year and the Emergency Clinic and her vet, Roger, at Spring Mountain Animal Hospital saved her life. When her uterus ruptured during surgery, she was flooded with sterile water and sewed up. We were able to take her home during the day and at night we had to take her back. She was so very, very ill and made a full recovery. My son found two small lumps on her belly and it turned out to be breast cancer. She had surgery immediately and bounced right back. She is our rescue mutt and is my husband’s best buddy. Both Lucy and Bailey get along great and complete our family perfectly.

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