Oliver – Day 2

It’s actually Day 3 since we took him to the vet on Sunday, but it’s Day 2 in the ICU.  The reality is that there’s no real change.

Oliver responded really well to yesterday’s blood transfusions and his levels went up significantly, only to drop again this morning.  Which means there is still internal hemorrhaging.  They’re watching his Packed Cell Volume and Protein Loss very closely (we’re trying to become Very Informed Patients), but most of his other vital signs remain steady and strong.

Because of the protein loss he’s getting very puffy (edema) and looks like a tight little sausage, but they were doing another transfusion today and are watching the results of that very, very closely.  He’s on a painkiller – lower dosage than yesterday – so he’s a bit groggy.  He was very happy to see Dads today and tried to get up to greet them, and they tell us that he’s responsive and perky when the fog wears off.

His condition is still listed as critical and “guarded” and they don’t feel he is strong enough to handle either a scope or surgery, which would be the next step because we still don’t know what’s causing the internal bleeding.  So we wait and worry.

We’ve gotten so many messages and notes of support and prayers and good thoughts; we’re overwhelmed with the kindness from friends, family and people we don’t even know personally!  Thank you!  We’re sure that all that positive energy will work and our little doofus will be coming home very soon.  Keep it coming and know how much we appreciate it!

In other news – Barclay and Tucker are being absolute JERKS about the whole situation and are enjoying their space a little too much.  Like Barclay takes great pleasure in making it up the stairs with a toy without anyone stealing it, while Tucker is positively giddy that he doesn’t have to push someone out of the way to get an ear-scratching.    Mean old things.  But they did send Oliver a couple of toys to keep him company and remind him of home.

Thank you, thank you for all the kind words!




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10 responses to “Oliver – Day 2

  1. suegrundfest@aol.com

    Sounds promising Stay strong

    Sent from my iPad

  2. Rosa Caldwell

    Thank you for sharing your update on Oliver. We are all hoping at Twitter he will come through this and regain his strength. I think some of the stats are positive. Have to take the good with the bad I guess. May the angels keep all of you covered and protected. Give Oliver a kiss, a cuddle and a pat from me. We are all here for you. Let us know what we can do.

  3. Debra Gross

    Please give Oliver a hug for me. Your family has been on my mind since I first saw this story on FB. Sending many, many positive thoughts your way.

  4. Rosa Caldwell

    Good thoughts going up all over Twitter. You and your hubby and all three of your beautiful labs are in my prayers. Blessings.

  5. trix & honey

    we’ve been sending positive thoughts and keeping our paws crossed for a speedy recovery for oliver ever since we saw his story on the barking dogs fb page. honey knows how wonderful the Emergency Veterinary Specialty Center is because they took care of her for a few days when she was a little puppy. the staff is fantastic – they take great care of the humans too!

    lots of hugs kisses from two little doxies!
    trix & honey

  6. Rosa Caldwell

    Can’t sleep, just checking to see if there is anything new. I hope somehow you are able to rest tonight. You need your strength. All I can offer right now are my prayers. This saddens me deeply. Hopefully Oliver is not in too much pain.

  7. Rosa Caldwell

    Glad that you have a facility such as this. You are very fortunate. Hopefully they will have the most advanced techniques, equipment, doctors and medical staff as well as caring and compassionate staff to pull Oliver through this. We miss you Oliver, hugs and kisses.

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