Optimistically Cautious

This is Oliver at 6:00 p.m. Tuesday (last) night:











And another look at our boy last night:












This is Oliver at 10:00 a.m. today:


















And here’s Oliver 24 hours after those first pictures – 6:30 p.m. tonight:

20130828_184259 20130828_185002










He is looking and feeling much better.  Here’s what we know . . . after last night’s transfusion, his packed red blood cell count has been holding relatively steady at 22% . . . .at the worst it was down to 12% and that was after two transfusions.  But something shifted today and it’s holding steady.  All of his other vitals look very good (they have throughout all of this, for the most part).  The protein level in his blood is still off and is consequently causing a lot of edema (swelling).  In fact, he looks like a little ham hock.

But he’s bright and perky and talkative.  He’s stayed alert all day, interacting with the staff in the ICU (who, very appropriately, adore him).

We are by no means out of the woods, but words like “recovery” and “going home” have STARTED to creep into the discussions.  Understand, three days we didn’t know if we had the time to get him to the ER vet, so this is quite remarkable.

The Endoscopy has been put on hold for now until he is more healed and more stable.  There is still some vomiting and, uh, y’know, the other stuff, and there is still blood . . . but not as much.  We still don’t know what the underlying cause is and won’t until we get him to a point where he can handle the endoscopy – that may be a couple of weeks away yet.

The emails and comments and phone calls and texts and posts and tweets have bolstered us all through it – we cannot thank everyone enough for the outpouring of kindness.  Please keep it coming as long as you can – we know it’s helping.  It was good to see glimmers of our boy back today.  He was actually feeling well enough to give hugs today – and if you know the O-meister, that’s definitely a good sign!



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7 responses to “Optimistically Cautious

  1. suegrundfest@aol.com

    Oh that face!

    Lets hope each day he gets stronger until he can come home

    Sent from my iPad

  2. Rosa Caldwell

    I am very hopeful by seeing these progression of pictures. He looks so much better than I had expected. I wonder if they are keeping a heating pad on him. Maybe not if he didn’t have surgery.

    Are you thinking he ate or drinked something that caused this, is that the reason for the endoscopy.?Obviously if he is bleeding internally, ssomething has caused it.

    Prayers going up your way and thanks for the update. I have got to try and get some sleep tonight. Take good care of yourselves and kisses, hugs, and cuddles to Oliver from me.

  3. Dawn

    My pups and I are so very happy to hear he’s feeling a little better! Sending prayers that each day brings a little progress and his face a little brighter 🙂

    • Rosa Caldwell

      So glad that he is feeling womewhat better. Keep sending those prayers up. Thank goodness for the great volunteer animals that donate their blood. They are true heros. Without them don’t know where we might be. Keep on keeping on Oliver. Labor Day is coming baby. Maybe you will be home by then. We miss you at Twitter.

  4. Susan Roe

    All the Roes, human and fuzzy are THRILLED with Oliver’s progress. We will continue to pray for his healing, for a diagnosis that helps for the future, and the hearts and pockets of the dads.

    • Rosa Caldwell

      Can’t find the 10A pictures from today. Got the ones from yesterday. Oliver we are rooting for you. People from all over the world are rooting for you baby. Keep on keeping on. Prayers keep on headed up your way. Kisses, hugs and cuddles to you.

  5. Kacey

    Stay strong Oliver! My Family including 2 beagles are sending positive thoughts your way! Please keep the pictures and updates coming!

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