Another day . . . .

Yesterday was an up day, a good day. Today took us on another turn.  In very general terms, Oliver is pretty much the same as he was yesterday.  What we need to see is better, not just the same.  The reality is that his blood counts dropped “a little bit” but all of his other vital signs remain strong.

Very welcome hugs from Dad

Very welcome hugs from Dad











It’s clear that there is still internal bleeding; it’s still, uh, coming out.  He is eating normally and is not vomiting any more, so that’s a positive.  That’s just it – there are small positives and some negatives.  The second biggest problem is that he’s losing blood protein – another sign that the internal bleeding is still happening – and is suffering from pretty severe edema, still.  Since the blood counts are dropping slightly and that edema is still occurring its clear we really need to know what’s going on.

Yay for snuggles!

Yay for snuggles!









We met with the ER vet this morning and we all agreed it was time to move forward with the endoscopy to try to find out what’s happening.  We are still worried about his strength being able to handle it.

Fell sound asleep while hanging out with Dads

Fell sound asleep while hanging out with Dads









He is receiving an overnight albumin transfusion.  Albumin is a blood protein that, essentially, holds the fluids, hormones and fatty acids together in blood cells.  Since his protein is low, the transfusion should help hold everything together and reduce the swelling.

Pet my belly!!!

Pet my belly!!!











There are any number of things we could find from the endoscopy tomorrow – they still seem to be leaning towards an ulcer, possibly perforated.  It could be any number of things as well – from lymphoma to other types of cancer to who-knows-what.  Once we know what it is, we’ll know what to do.









So, we continue to wait.  And hope.  And throughout all of this, Oliver has maintained the joy that is Oliver – he’s charmed everyone at the ICU, greets us with bounding hugs and kisses and carries his toys around everywhere he goes. Sweet boy doesn’t deserve any of this and, boy, is he happy to see family and ready to go home.




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9 responses to “Another day . . . .

  1. Sue

    He just has the saddest most beautiful face

    Good luck and keep your spirits up

    He needs you


  2. Johna Lizdas

    thinking of you guys!! Poor Oliver! Such a sweet boy and seems so happy in these pictures! I am praying for him a speedy recovery, no pain! Wish I was there to get a few puppy snuggles myself! Hugs to you all! I know that this is very hard on all of you!

  3. Poor Oliver, we are routing for you boy. Hope the tests show something simple and easy to fix.

  4. Rosa Caldwell

    Thanks for sharing this update with us. It was real sweet of you to share the pictures as well. He seems so tired of all of this. I was hoping for better news, but we have to take the good with the bad I guess. He is alot better than when he first went in there. For that we have to be greatful.. From what you say I would have to agree the endoscopy is what is needed now, just hope that he can tolerate it.
    Oliver is missed by so many. Such a sweet dog and a loving face. You have my prayers and may he rest easy tonight and have a brighter day tomorrow.
    God bless you Oliver. You have touched my heart. Rest easy gentle giant.
    Prayers going up for you. Until the next time.

  5. Susan Roe

    Parying that the endoscopy gets to the bottom of all of this and that it’s an easy fix. I’m sure you are all weary of this, and that Oliver is just ready to get back to being a beloved pooch and not a patient. Love and prayers for all of you!!!

    • Rosa Caldwell

      Hope he tolerates the endoscopy and comes out with a real prognosis on the positive side. Prayers continue to go up for Oliver,

  6. christianna blahnik

    Oh I wish I could love on him and give you a big hug. You must be exhausted from the stress. He’s in good hands. Hang it there.

  7. Mary Gaines

    Lots of love and kisses. Poor sweet boy! Don’t forget to take care of you. Please let me know if I can do anything to help.

    • Rosa Caldwell

      Hoping for all the best for Oliver. I wish him peace and comfort. I send him love and peace. Rest easy sweet boy. We are all rooting for you. Prayers going up again. May they soar high.

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