Weight Lifting

Oliver is resting.  Poor guy has had a day and we all could use a good, solid, (relatively) stress-free night – but we all feel as if weights have been lifted off of our shoulders.

We saw Oliver this morning, knowing he’d had the albumin transfusion last night.  He looked pretty good and was up and alert.  His blood protein levels (from the albumin) were holding steady, but the blood numbers were dropping slightly.  He was really happy to see his family, but we hear he’s entertaining everyone at the Critical Care vet.

Oliver hugs










They proceeded with the endoscopy and called us as soon as it was done.  They found the bleeder in the cardia of the stomach, where the esophagus meets the stomach, a very difficult place to scope and to possibly operate on.  Despite the risks, we knew the bleeding was continuing and he was losing blood as fast as they could pump it in.

Oliver sleeping










They moved him directly into the surgical suite and we waited for what felt like centuries.  The surgeon called about two hours later.

During the surgery they found what looked like an artery that had been severed; the surgeon said he’d never seen anything exactly like it.  He sutured it and examined everywhere for additional bleeders and found none.   He also sent an “area about the size of a quarter” out for biopsy, but said he noticed none of the things you typically see with cancer, ulcers or any other GI disturbance.  Everything looks good.

Here’s the visual we got from the way he described it:

So, as best we know right now, everything should ultimately be ok once he recovers from this surgery.  He’s having another transfusion tonight and they’ll continue to watch the counts.  We’ll get to see him sometime on Saturday.

It’s been a long haul and we’re, of course, not out of the woods but at least we know.  We’ll be on pins and needles until we get the biopsy results back in about a week, but we’re confident that will show everything’s pink and perfect and goofy and fine.  Just like Oliver.

Oliver sleeping2



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5 responses to “Weight Lifting

  1. Rosa Caldwell

    That is the best news I have heard all day. It is just like him to have the office entertained, as I can only imagine how well he must do it. I am so relieved and happy for him and I hope you can get some peaceful sleep knowing that altho he will have some down time maybe he will get to come home soon. Thanks for sharing. God does answer prayers. Thanks for the pictures as well.

  2. suegrundfest@aol.com

    Wow Oliver would be a one in a million dog! Hope his recovery is speedy

    Sent from my iPad

  3. Garry Pennycuff

    Yes! I was thinking about y’all all night and am so happy to hear this encouraging news. Hopeful for more good news–may today give rest to everyone, human and canine.

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