Holding Steady . . .

After the high stress, high drama, high tension of yesterday, today was a welcome respite for everyone.

We talked with the Critical Care vet this morning – Mr. O had made it through the night with no problems.  He came out of the anesthesia just fine, no vomiting and no diarrhea.  These are good signs.  He’d had a transfusion during the night and had responded to it well.

According to everyone he was up and paying attention to what was going on, if a little groggy.  The vet told us they were going to watch his vitals during the day, see if he could hold down food, and at 4:00 p.m. check the blood counts.  And then the phrase “going home” started coming up.  We’d know more once the afternoon/evening came.

The vet called around 5:00 or so.  His blood counts had held steady – the packed red blood cells was holding at 24%.  We’d like to see it higher, still, but it was holding and that was the highest we’ve seen it yet.  With that said, she felt that she’d feel more comfortable keeping him one more night and, as she put it, “It would be awful to have put this much work into this and have something happen.” We agreed.

We stopped by tonight to visit Oliver.  He’s groggy and it’s clearly uncomfortable.  He looks a it like a Franken-puppy.












And boy was he glad to see us!  So glad that he relaxed and pretty much fell asleep.













He really didn’t want to go back in the ICU, but he’s got plenty of people around him and the vet techs said he’s back there flirting with everyone and, despite not being 100%, is Mr. Charming.  We’re not too worried about him being lonely, but so very, very happy that he’ll be coming home sometime tomorrow.

The relief is palpable and it was a pretty quiet day at the Buck-White house.  We’ve got three major hurdles in front of us:

1)  Oliver’s recovery from surgery and all the tests and procedures of this week.  He’ll be weak for awhile and probably have a fairly long road ahead of him.  We’re confident that will go well;

2) Making sure that there’s no re-occurrence and that the results from the biopsy are positive;

3)  Getting this two knuckle-heads to leave him alone:

20130831_082423 20130831_162507










They’ve been a little spoiled while Oliver’s been away . . . and they’ve taken advantage of there being just the two of them.  They’ve played hard – and there’s been nobody here to steal their toys like O does – and they’ve gotten away with a few naughty things while Dads have been distracted.

Barclay and Tucker will be happy to have their little brother home – in their quiet moments, it’s clear they’ve missed the little guy and we’ll all be happy when he’s back to his goofy, nutty self.




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5 responses to “Holding Steady . . .

  1. suegrundfest@aol.com

    What good news

    Sent from my iPad

  2. Rosa Caldwell

    That is simply wonderful news. I am so very happy for all of you and specially for Oliver. What a nice Labor Day Gift for you. I am sure his brothers will be so happy to have him home. They will understand that he needs his rest and to back off for awhile. Thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures. He is loved by so many on Twitter and Facebook as well as other sites I am sure.
    Rest easy friends.

  3. Garry Pennycuff


  4. Linda

    What a relief!

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