Poor Little Guy

This is a tough post to write – through all of this, even when the internal bleeding was the worst, Oliver never lost his spirit or his joy.  To see him with his tail tucked and clearly not feeling well was so sad.

It appears that the arteritis has begun to affect his kidneys.  With a blood test on Thursday, his BUN result (Blood Urea Nitrogen – a test of the amount of nitrogen in the blood that comes from waste) was very high, indicating that the kidneys weren’t processing toxins correctly.  At the time, his creatnine (another indicator of kidney function, releasing waste) was fine.  Our primary veterinarian felt it important that we consult with the emergency vet where he was first diagnosed.

This condition is so rare that there are a lot of experts being called and involved in determining best approach.

The emergency vet really felt strongly about admitting him and administering “aggressive IV fluids.”  He stayed overnight Thursday, hoping to come home today.  Unfortunately the BUN and creatinine levels continued to rise, so he is there again tonight.

He is not happy, he does not feel well and he’s just not himself.  Tomorrow will tell us more and we hope beyond hope that he’ll come home sometime on Saturday.  The doctors remain confident that the course of treatment is correct – the approach was changed slightly yesterday so we need to give it time to work.  In the meantime, we do everything we can to keep his spirits high – dads visited him today with snacks and toys and a cozy blankie.

Please keep the good thoughts and prayers coming – we are all very, very thankful.  Especially Mr. Oliver.



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7 responses to “Poor Little Guy

  1. Rosa Caldwell

    I am so very sorry to hear this. My prayers go up for your sweet, precious boy Oliver. He is quite the man. Feel better Oliver, we love you.

  2. Johna Lizdas

    So sorry Oliver is not feeling well. I am praying for your sweet boy and hoping he gets better really, really soon!! Sending hugs and doggie moochies!! xoxoxoxo

  3. My heart breaks. Hugs to Oliver!

  4. SO sorry to read of this – here’s hoping the new treatments take hold and Oliver is able to come home soon.

  5. Sending love and hope to all of you. Xxx

  6. trix & honey

    sending lots of love to oliver and his humans … xoxo
    trix & honey (two doxies cheering for oliver)

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