Sochi Dogs Post 2 – Pot vs Kettle?

We’re awfully proud of all the dogs and families who posted their #SochiDogs pictures.  And we’re grateful for the response to our blog yesterday.  Hopefully we raised some awareness and shared some of the stories of dogs who need rescuing.  We know we learned a lot.

We even had some fun getting our picture made:

BW Boys Sochi Dogs outtakes2







And then we read this post from the amazing, amazing people at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary:

Disgust at Sochi’s treatment of animals a case of pots and kettles?

Here, let us quote one paragarph:

“In the U.S., 9,000 shelter pets are killed every day. Of course we’re better organized, systematic and discreet. Our shelters are cleaner and the scrutiny of animal advocates has elevated the standards of shelter care, but our poisons are as deadly as theirs and a shelter killing here is as unjust and final as that of any Sochi dog.  We’ve just done a better job of sweeping it under the rug and keeping it out of the public eye.”

Wow.  They’re right.

Please don’t misunderstand us, what’s being done to dogs in Sochi and in Russia is inhumane, but let’s turn some of that outrage to work here at home.  Remember to spay and neuter your pets and please do everything you can to support adoption and rescue pets.  Thanks for listening!

And here’s some really great pictures of rescue dogs going home!

BW Boys Sochi Dogs outtakes1



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One response to “Sochi Dogs Post 2 – Pot vs Kettle?

  1. rmczuhai

    You guys are awesome and I wanted to share with you guys a place where my mom works…Artspace in Raleigh nc. They are featuring Shannon Johnstone one of their artists who takes dogs from the shelter to a park near a landfill and takes there photos and posts them on fb. Once people see the dogs out of the shelter and at a park they can relate to them and adopt them!! Shannon and her landfill dogs have been on ABC nightly news. These photos are awesome and will make you wag your tail and feel a little sad. But mostly wag your tail. Shannon has most of the photos on her fb page or you can go to Artspace is cool too because they let me come to work with my mom and other dogs come with their moms and dads to work as well.

    Wags and Kisses, Daisy, the cutest labradoodle you have ever seen!


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