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Happy Halloween!

It’s that time of year again!  We just wanted to wish all of you a happy and safe Halloween!

Dads tried to embarrass once again this year.  Seriously, when will they ever learn?!?

Oliver is a Bee!  Bzzzzzz!

Oliver is a Bee! Bzzzzzz!

Tucker as The Red Baron

Tucker as The Red Baron

Barclay as The Headless Horseman

Barclay as The Headless Horseman


























And OF COURSE, a reminder to keep your fur-kids and friends safe this Halloween — it’s one of the biggest times of year when pets go missing ’cause it can freak us out a little bit.

Ain't we cute?

Ain’t we cute?








Here’s Barclay’s advice from last year:

And if you don’t trust him, here’s some good words from The Humane Society:

Hope you have a PAWESOME HOWL-I-DAY!!

BWBoys Halloween Greeting


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Honestly good stuff

Several months ago we were given the opportunity to test food from on our most favoritest companies – The Honest Kitchen.  We were not good stewards of the trust shown to us and it has taken us this long to post our review.  Marketing and communications theorists will tell you “Never begin with an apology!” Well, we’re going to anyway because we’re very sorry, Honest Kitchen, that it took us this long.

We love . . . like LOVE . . . The Honest Kitchen.  Read a little bit of their history and you’ll see why.  The concept is phenomenal – human-grade, dehydrated food for us!  But it’s not just the “human grade” part, it’s that it’s good, wholesome, natural ingredients in a variety of tastes and flavors. Very, very healthy stuff that’s very, very good for us. In terms of quality it just beats anything on the market hands down.

The nice folks at Honest Kitchen sent us three types of food to try:  Zeal, Love and Force.


IMG_4333 IMG_4310 IMG_1728



We have all kinds of food allergies – and all three of us have different allergies, so finding us one kind of food we can all eat is TOUGH!  (If you haven’t done a food allergy test from the amazing folks at Glacier Peaks Holistics, DO IT!  We’ve had amazing results because of it – and it’s (relatively) inexpensive, easy and quick).  The good news is we could all eat these three foods!


It’s dehydrated!!  You just add some warm water, stir, let it sit and . . .

IMG_4337 IMG_4316 IMG_1733

Looks great, right?  We LOVE this food!!  Hard to tell which one was better than the other or what they tasted like . . . there wasn’t time we ate ’em so fast!  Liked the bowls CLEAN and then came back for more.  This stuff is so, so, so good!!!  And so good for us.   Read the ingredients by clicking one of the links above – chicken, papaya, bananas, green beans, celery, basil, alfalfa . . . not a processed “food” or chemical in the bunch!

The kind folks at The Honest Kitchen also sent along some treats:


They’re called “beams” and they’re pure Icelandic catfish skins.

Dads act like they have to put on a hazmat suit to get these things out but they are YUM-EEE-GOOD!  Ingredients:  Dehydrated Catfish Skin. That’s it!  How’s that for “honest”?

Before we got this wonderful box of yum, though, we were already Honest Kitchen fans.  We referred to them back around Christmas when Barclay got a case of the puppy poops.  And that Perfect Form stuff is AWESOME – nothing better for curing what ails you.  We also use their other supplements Sparkle and Invigor.  Go read more about them.  We swear by the stuff, especially Sparkle ’cause it turned Oliver’s coat from straw-like into soft, beautiful and gorgeous.


The one drawback with The Honest Kitchen’s food — to be honest — is it’s pretty pricey . . . especially for a home with three hungry labs.  Definitely using this as a primary source of food would cut down on vet bills later on ’cause we’d be so healthy.  We went through one ten pound box in a week, so now we get one a month to mix in with our dry kibble or for special occasions — like when we all just had dental work done or it’s our birthday or something.  Oh, but it’s so good.

AND they’re always innovating and coming out with new stuff.  Like this new product – dehydrated, human-grade, edible, veggie undies!!  They’re amazing.

Thanks Honest Kitchen! Keep up the yummy, good work!

Oh – we almost forgot. They also make food for cats.


Oh.  And they also make food for cats

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Dirty Deeds un-done

Oh My Dog, January’s been cra-zazy . . . The Buck-White Boys pack is all back together after Travel-Dad’s “business trips” and we had a nice weekend of just being slugs together, but we’re looking forward to catching up on our blogging.

Hey, it rained in Las Vegas last week — pretty unusual for us! But at our house that means two things:

1) Tucker doesn’t go potty until it stops and the backyard dries ’cause he’s a big wuss;

2) Wet, muddy, dirty paws!

Good thing we’ve got Dirt Dog Doormats from Dog Gone Smart.  (How was that for subtle?  Didja like the way we turned this into a product review without your noticing?)

Seriously, these things are great — super absorbent, kinda cool looking and they feel really good on our ittle wittle paws.

We keep one at the back door that everybody has to walk across before coming in:

Oliver showing off his paw wiping skills.

Oliver showing off his paw wiping skills.











And one underneath our water fountain ’cause we’re super slobbery and messy drinkers (like dad was in college):

Tucker at the Fountain

Tucker at the Fountain











They come in cool colors and they really are super absorbent – we love ’em.  And we just heard that they got them in at Barking Dogs Self Wash and Grooming in Las Vegas, so that’s where you can get ’em in town.  But their website also has a way to find out where you can get ’em near you. If you don’t live in Vegas.  Which means we should say to you, “Stay warm!”

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Waist Not

We saw this great post from @DawgBlogger about showing off your dog’s waistline: Dawg Business

Well you know how we love a good picture and we think we are pretty sexy in a Labrador kind of way.

Here’s Tucker lookin’ all slim and trim — which is especially important as he just had to have his first “Senior” blood work done since he turned seven last year!

And this is Oliver with the happy, blurry tail. We think his metabolism is helped by that tail.

And Mr. Barclay Boo Boo Kitty who is the only one of us to have actually GAINED weight at the last vet appointments.

But we were all told that we were “perfect.” Duh.

We eat a good quality food (from California Natural and The Honest Kitchen and not too much of it. We get very few treats and then usually just cut up or baby carrots. And we get (a little bit, not enough) exercise.

It’s just really really important to talk with your vet . . . And then DO WHAT S/HE SAYS!!! . . . to keep us fit and healthy. And, as much as we hate to say it, even though we’re pitiful we are probably not really starving and don’t NEED that cookie.

But it sure would be good and we’ve been such good boys that we do DESERVE that cookie!

Now if we could just get Dads to be as good with their own waist lines!


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We’ve heard that more dogs are lost during the holidays than other time – maybe because people are coming and going more, maybe because there’s more excitement and high energy, or maybe because all the lights and noise and stuff is really scary to us, or maybe because our fur-kid friends’ parents aren’t paying as much attention and are stressed and frazzled.  Trust us, we have pretty calm holidays around the Casa de Buck-White, but we get stressed and frazzled too!

We’ve seen SO MANY posts since January 1st on Facebook and Twitter about lost dogs that it makes us very sad.  We try not to judge, really, but there are some very, very simple things people can do to make sure our furry cousins don’t get lost at any time of year.  You can find similar lists all over the internet at dozens of different places . . . they all say pretty much the same thing.

1.  Spay or Neuter us

We’re happier and healthier and you’re helping to not contribute to the over-population problem.  It’s not true that a female dog should go through her first heat and your veterinarian can judge when it’s best for dogs of either genders – sometimes as young as 4 months, depending on the dog.  And, guys, it doesn’t make you more manly if your boy dog is swinging a pair — it makes you look kind of dumb, actually, cause you’re being selfish.  See?  Not “judgy” at all.

2.  Microchip

Why isn’t every dog microchipped?  We think it should be a law, actually.  It’s very easy to do – ESPECIALLY with the internet, now.  You can keep your info up to date and your dog can always be returned, or at least much more easily.  It doesn’t hurt, it’s inexpensive and it could save much emotional heartache.

3.  Training, training, training

Work with a reputable trainer, one you trust and that has good recommendations.  In Las Vegas we LOVE Mind Your Manners – there are plenty of inexpensive, reputable training programs all over the world.  Every dog needs a strong “come” and “stay” command.  Every human needs to be able to execute it.  It can save a life.  And it couldn’t hurt to focus on training to keep us calm and relaxed when someone comes to the door.


4.  Collars

Every dog should have a collar with a tag that has, at minimum, name and phone number.  And they should wear it all the time.  No matter how good your dog is, anything can happen that they could get out without a collar.  No matter how responsive your dog, you don’t know what might cause them to run or get loose that “one time you didn’t have a collar on.”

5.  Leash

We should always be on a leash.  No matter how good we are, it’s other people and other dogs that can be a problem.  It’s a special treat sometimes to be off leash, but if there are other people or other dogs around, keep us on leash.  You may know US but you don’t know THEM.

6.  Exercise

Keep us exercised and having an activity and we’re much less likely to run away or get lost or get out or to want to run away.  Boredom is a dog’s worst enemy — it’s when we get destructive, naughty, mad, etc.  We need a job.  Remember – you have your job, your friends, TV, books, really awesome dog blogs (like this one) to read . . . we just have you.

7.  Inside vs. Outside

We know that not everyone is our Dads and that some people keep their dogs outside — we don’t understand why and we don’t like it, but we understand it.  But for pete’s sake, let ’em inside when it’s too hot or too cold.  This is a post about dogs getting lost, not dying, but that happens way too often.  Anyway — “dog-napping” is on the rise.  More and more dogs are being stolen, especially the more popular breeds like us (labs) and the pocket puppies – y’know, those designer dogs that fit in purses and stuff.  Never leave your dog outside unsupervised or provide some level of security to make stealing the dog harder.

8. Be Vigilant

Keep an eye on your dog — if you’re playing or working with us, put down the cell phone or whatever else and pay attention to US.  And if you see a dog lost or alone, call animal control or help in some way.

With a few simple tips we can cut down on the number of lost dogs, help us furry folk be safer and happier and drastically cut down on the number of animals in shelters.

Because we think people who don’t take precautions are, well, losers.


P.S.  There are a lot of dogs who get lost even though their humans are responsible and do all of the things above and more.  And that makes us even sadder and anything we can do to help, we will.  To them we say, “Thank you for being a great pet parent!”  And we don’t judge them at all.


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