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Happy Halloween!

It’s that time of year again!  We just wanted to wish all of you a happy and safe Halloween!

Dads tried to embarrass once again this year.  Seriously, when will they ever learn?!?

Oliver is a Bee!  Bzzzzzz!

Oliver is a Bee! Bzzzzzz!

Tucker as The Red Baron

Tucker as The Red Baron

Barclay as The Headless Horseman

Barclay as The Headless Horseman


























And OF COURSE, a reminder to keep your fur-kids and friends safe this Halloween — it’s one of the biggest times of year when pets go missing ’cause it can freak us out a little bit.

Ain't we cute?

Ain’t we cute?








Here’s Barclay’s advice from last year:

And if you don’t trust him, here’s some good words from The Humane Society:

Hope you have a PAWESOME HOWL-I-DAY!!

BWBoys Halloween Greeting


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Barclay has been irritated that all the attention has been focused on Oliver lately.  Given that today is Barclay’s 4th birthday, today will be all about him.

But, briefly, Oliver is responding to meds well, eating voraciously, active, engaged and shows no external signs of being sick, other than the side effects of prednisone (the general ones – muscle weakness, excessive thirst/hunger, etc.).  We see the doctor for a two-week check up tomorrow, so we’ll know what blood levels, etc., are and can gauge how he’s doing.

Back to Barclay.

Barclay was actually born on August 27, 2009.  So, technically speaking, today is his “gotcha” day.


IMG_3531 IMG_3562 IMG_3579






















Barclay was born at Saddlehill Labradors in Riverside, CA; the story of how he came to be a Buck-White Boy is for another post.  His dad is “Ch Saddlehill Struttin In The Moonlight” and his mom is “Beshire Saddlehill Spring Sparkle.”  This means that Barclay’s full name is Saddlehill Barclay Buck-White.

Ch Saddlehill Struttin in the Moonlight

Ch Saddlehill Struttin in the Moonlight 

Barclay's Mom is the black lab in front.
Barclay’s Mom is the black lab in front.

















Dads had to drive all the way to Riverside to pick him up and got to meet his mom and dad and brothers and sisters and uncles and cousins and everybody.

Then they had to drive him all the way home.  Four hours.  He threw up in the car.

Tucker had stayed at a friend’s house that day.  Then they met . . .

But it really didn’t take long until they became the best of friends.

sleeping-with-Tucker-rs sleeping-with-Tucker-2-rs













He’s named Barclay because he’s an English-style lab.  And dads wanted something that sounded English.  So, like Barclay’s Bank, right?  Also, “Bar” in Hebrew means “son of” and one of our dads’ name is Clay, so, “Son of Clay.”  Other daddy felt left out when he learned that, but Barmike would’ve sounded weird.

For awhile Barclay looked just like Shirley’s pet Boo Boo Kitty.  Remember her?

So Barclay picked up the name “Boo Boo Kitty” and very often gets called Barclay Boo Boo Kitty Buck-White









Or sometimes just “Boo” for short.

But we can’t remember a time when there wasn’t a Barclay and are so glad he became a Buck-White, even if he is a little stand-offish sometimes and thinks that every bag has toys for him in it.  We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Happy Birth/Gotcha-Day, Barclay Boo Boo Kitty Barcle-butt.




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Welcome to our 50th post!

It has been relatively uneventful a Chez Buck-White lately, but there is still plenty going on.  We met with Oliver’s new “specialist” veterinarian – he’s an internist, apparently the only one in the state of Nevada.  Who knew?

He keeps his happy face on through all of it.

He keeps his happy face on through all of it.











The plan is that O-man will have regular check ups and at each one we’ll do blood tests, blood pressure, etc.  The most recent tests showed that his red blood cells are still not as high as we would like; they are better than they were, but not as good as they had been.  This is the one we need to watch carefully since it could indicate more bleeding or “leaking” blood vessels.  His blood pressure is still too high, as well.

Nap time is the best time!

Nap time is the best time!









He’s on a lot of meds, but we’re pulling back on the prednisone.  This immune-mediated disease responds well to steroids, but steroids have some pretty ugly side effects; it’s a delicate balance.  And since we’re still dealing with so many unknowns, we keep trying to maintain that balance.

The daily dose - twice a day.

The daily dose – twice a day.











His attitude through all of this is great.  His energy isn’t exactly what it was, but he went through a lot in the last month.  We did notice, though, that once all the fluid he was holding onto was gone he started looking really, really thin.  He’s always been on the skinny side, but he was really gaunt.  A call to the vet said that Dads could increase his food to FOUR CUPS A DAY!  We hate him for that – now he gets Breakfast and Dinner like usual, but he gets LUNCH TOO!  Not fair.

Got to go on an outing!

Got to go on an outing!

Just chilling!

Just chilling!


















He gets a little sleepy from time to time and you do NOT want to be in the room when he, uh, “crop dusts” if you know what we mean.  Phew-eeeeeeee, that’s some nasty stank.

Naptime for yellows!

Naptime for yellows!









So we keep going.  We cannot tell you how much we appreciate the thoughts and prayers and karma and tweets and posts – keep ’em coming!   We’ll try to steer this blog back to fun stuff, toy reviews and stuff we really love.  Which is a lot of stuff!  Besides, Barclay’s getting a little jealous that the blog hasn’t been about him for awhile.

Hey, by the way, here’s a little thing one of our Dads wrote about their trip to Alaska:  Enjoy it and check out Marcy Preska’s writing – good stuff!



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Toy Review Tuesday – Suspicious Chicken

It’s been awhile since a Toy Review Tuesday, huh?  Today we get to feature one of our favorites . . . maybe even THE penultimate favorite toy.  Suspicious Chicken.


We are on our fourth, or fifth, Suspicious Chicken and we keep getting them because they’re awesome!  We tug ’em, toss ’em, carry ’em around, fling them off of things, leave ’em in the dirt . . . really one of the toughest toys we’ve found.


Suspicious Chicken is made by the fine folks at Fat Cat, which is a division of PetMate – they make all kinds of stuff, but Suspicious Chicken gets our vote for favorite.

We love their mission/focus statement:


“Creative Design” and “Outrageous Humor” sound right up our alley!

In the description, they say SC has “Maximum Floppability”!  It does . . . it’s made out of a really tough canvas with really tight seams, but the legs and wings are sewn individually, so it holds up to tough chewing, tossing and tugging.


It might fray around the ages, and bits might dangle off of it, but we’ve never seen the seams separate or stuffing come out (’cause we do love to vivisect our toys now and again).  It’s the right size to fit in our mouths, great to chase, great to drag around – this is just one durable, long-lasting, wonderful toy and no lab should be without one.  Pretty much any place that sells dog toys has ’em (even Target) so they’re pretty easy to find – let us know what you think when you pick one up!

But, hey, don’t just take our word for it . . . check out this picture we found when Google-ing “Suspicious Chicken”, click on it to go to that blog and see what they had to say about it.  We’re not alone in our love of the ol’ SusChick!!

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Some Days are Just That Way

There’s a wonderful, wonderful book on human-canine interaction by Patricia McConnell called The Other End of the Leash that really delves into understanding the bond between dog and human.  If you haven’t read it or any of her work, we highly recommend doing so.  Like now.  Why are you still reading this blog?  You can get the book on or on iTunes and with an iPad or Kindle, you could be reading it right now.

The Other End of the Leash

Still here?  Good.  Thanks.  But you really should read that sometime.

The rest of today’s blog was written by Dad, so please forgive if it doesn’t that same level of juvenile canine humor you’ve come to love and expect.

Last night was pretty rough – Li’l Mr. Barclay got into something, who knows what, and turned into Barfley all night and mostly of today.  We had a great training session yesterday with Mind Your Manners, so somewhere between then and 2:00 a.m., his little tummy went all oopsy.

IMG_3818 You know the Labrador’s motto of life, right?  “Go ahead and eat it, you can always throw it up later.”

This means, of course, there was much chaos – vacuum cleaners and carpet cleaners and running around trying to catch the puke before it hits the carpet.  Everybody was a little stressed and off their game.

Then I started running late and got frantic – couldn’t find the keys, then couldn’t find the dog-treat-carrots, then almost forgot the stuff I was supposed to take.  Meanwhile Tucker has his collar on and is ready to go.  See, today was our second – and last before the big test – training session in preparation for our Pet Partner program registration.

And I’m all cocky, going. “Tucker’s GOT this.”

Nope.  Tucker most certainly did not have it today and Tucker was absolutely not interested in having it today.  See, that leash acts like a tether from dog to human and back.  And everything the human feels, that dog is going to feel (and if you’re really in tune, vice versa).  If you’re stressed, you’d better believe that dog is going to pick it up.

Tucker was definitely stressed . . . he did two things today he’s never done before.  First, on a potty break I let him go wherever he wanted — after he’d done his nasty, sinful business in the correct potty place.  He trotted all over the place, guided me back to the car and plopped his little butt down and look at the door, then at me, looked at the door, then at me.  Dude was ready to go.


I sat down on the curb and we talked a little bit and I asked him if he could push through just a little longer.  He agreed, but once we got back inside and did a couple of role playing scenario, he walked behind me, stood directly behind my legs and would. not. move.  Done, Daddy, D-U-N, done!

This is what I love about Pet Partners – and about Patricia McConnell’s book – if you really know your dog and really listen, they’ll tell you what they need or what they want.  And if your dog isn’t with it, then you don’t go visit people.  And if they’re done, man, then let them be done.   T-man was just off – and some days it’s really ok to be off.

We work with some awesome trainers that have really helped us deepen our relationships and bond with all three of The Boys.  We’re grateful, and so are the dogs.  We’re listening, boys.  And tonight we’re just all going to stay home, stay in and be a little off together.

Yes, those are Other Daddy's feet Barclay's sleeping on.

Yes, those are Other Daddy’s feet Barclay’s sleeping on.

Oliver has no dignity whatsoever.  Good for him.

Oliver has no dignity whatsoever. Good for him.

p.s.  Please do keep up with the training we’re doing on the program at Love Dog Las Vegas.


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Cranky Christmas Crafts

Something gets into our Dad during Christmas and he gets all crafty and creative and tries to do all this stuff.  Like this one year when he did chocolate-dipped pretzels with little sprinkles on them.  That was the year we had to have baby gates around the kitchen ’cause it was really, really messy and chocolate is bad for us.

This year, not so bad . . . since we can’t wear our costumes (THANK DOG!) all the time, we apparently had to have something festive for when company comes.  So we decided on double-sided bandanas.  Yay.

First thing, get some fabric with fun, festive colors.  Preferably stuff that’s really easy to take care of (read: machine washable).  Get as much contrasting colors as you like – whatever you think is fun.









Now, measure your dog’s neck:









Barclay is embarrassed that his neck size is being published and wants to stress that as a pedigreed purebred he has the breed standard of extra, flappy skin around his neck because he’d be totally able to dive into the cold waters of Newfoundland and chase waterfowl.  But it’s cold there and they don’t have sofas, so he’s fine where he is and no comments about his neck, thank you very much.

Now, measure and cut a square of material measuring about 1-2 inches more than the neck measurement.  So, Barclay measured at 21 inches, so his scarf was measured at 23 inches.









VERY IMPORTANT – during this phase, make sure you lie under the work area and stare guiltily up at your human and be underfoot as much as possible.

Now, once you have two squares cut from two different, contrasting fabrics, fold each in half on the diagonal to form a triangle.  Cut across the middle and you should have two triangles of equal size.  Do this with both fabrics.








(By the way, one of these is a really nice cozy flannel (the red one) and the white is just cotton.  That flannel will keep you warm, for sure, when it’s cold).

Still under foot and in the way?  Good.  You’re doing great.

OK, so now you’ve got to get these to stick together somehow.  Dad’s lazy and not going to sew.  So he bought this super-double-sided-sticky-stuff called “stitch witchery.”  You just iron it on the fabric and it sticks together.

It’s important though that you apply to the side of the fabric you want to be on the OUTSIDE, the side that people will see.  So, you iron the two nice sides of the triangles together.  Make sense?









Once you measure the sticky stuff and put the two pieces of material together over it, you put a damp cloth over it and press down for 10 seconds to make it bond.








Do this on TWO SIDES of the triangle.  On the THIRD side, only put the sticky stuff about 3/4 of the way down the length of the fabric, leaving a hole big enough to turn the bandana inside out.








OK, now once you’ve pressed the third side together, turn the whole thing inside out — so that the nice side is on the outside.  The side that people will see and go, “Awwwwwww, what a cute doggie!” and then give you cookies and scratch your ears.








Once you’ve turned it inside out, you should have a gap of about 2-3 inches, fold the fabric in so the seams line up and put a small piece of the stitch witchery stuff in there and iron it shut.









That’s it.  Give it an all over ironing so it’s all nice and stuff, but that’s it you’re done.









It’s really pretty easy and if you can sew, it’d probably be faster.  And you can do this for any season or holiday or birthdays.  They make great gifts.  Dad bought about 5 or 6 yards of fabric and got about 10 scarves out of it which made them like $2 – $3 each, all told.  Oh, wait, we just totally gave away a great money-making thing ’cause I bet we could have sold ’em for like $10.  Well, if you’re lazy and want to pay us $10 to make you one, we’ll do it!  🙂

Now, some tips:

1) Be sure to look pathetic during the whole process while your person does this.  Like, as if to say, “Hey, you know you could be taking us for a walk or throwing a ball or, oh, feeding us rather than mucking about with that nonsense, right?”










2) Be sure to look very, very pathetic when they put it on you.  Like it burns and you’re just suffering the indignity of it to get the cookie.  They’ll give you a cookie ’cause they feel so guilty and you’re so adorable.












3)  Whatever you do, look absolutely adorable but so, so sad.  You will get so much sympathy, extra cookies and probably a bye-bye in the car if you REALLY milk it.



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12 Days of Buck-White Christmas. Day 8

It’s kind of a Barclay-centric post today.  Poor little guy got into something and spent all night last night and all day today running outside every hour on the hour.  Which means it’s time for the perfect formula for poopy puppies:



PLEASE BE SURE TO CHECK WITH YOUR VET before starting any kind of food supplement or treatment for your fur-kids; we’ve talked with our vet about the symptoms and issues and she agreed with us on the treatment.  We swear by The Honest Kitchen – if you don’t know them, they are definitely worth checking out.  And pumpkin can be very good for pups with digestive issues, but, again, check with your vet first.

So, without any further a-poo . . . uh, er, we mean . . . ado:

On the Eighth Day of Christmas, the Buck-Whites gave to me:

Eight Begs from Barclay











Seven Labs a Swimming








Six Cups of Kibble

dog food in a bowl on a white background







Five Ripped Up Toys








Four Tennis Balls








Three Food Bowls








Two Chewy Bones








And a Yellow Lab whose name begins with “T”

Whatever you do, don't say, "Awwwwww!"  Bet you can't avoid it.

Whatever you do, don’t say, “Awwwwww!” Bet you can’t avoid it.


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