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Welcome to our 50th post!

It has been relatively uneventful a Chez Buck-White lately, but there is still plenty going on.  We met with Oliver’s new “specialist” veterinarian – he’s an internist, apparently the only one in the state of Nevada.  Who knew?

He keeps his happy face on through all of it.

He keeps his happy face on through all of it.











The plan is that O-man will have regular check ups and at each one we’ll do blood tests, blood pressure, etc.  The most recent tests showed that his red blood cells are still not as high as we would like; they are better than they were, but not as good as they had been.  This is the one we need to watch carefully since it could indicate more bleeding or “leaking” blood vessels.  His blood pressure is still too high, as well.

Nap time is the best time!

Nap time is the best time!









He’s on a lot of meds, but we’re pulling back on the prednisone.  This immune-mediated disease responds well to steroids, but steroids have some pretty ugly side effects; it’s a delicate balance.  And since we’re still dealing with so many unknowns, we keep trying to maintain that balance.

The daily dose - twice a day.

The daily dose – twice a day.











His attitude through all of this is great.  His energy isn’t exactly what it was, but he went through a lot in the last month.  We did notice, though, that once all the fluid he was holding onto was gone he started looking really, really thin.  He’s always been on the skinny side, but he was really gaunt.  A call to the vet said that Dads could increase his food to FOUR CUPS A DAY!  We hate him for that – now he gets Breakfast and Dinner like usual, but he gets LUNCH TOO!  Not fair.

Got to go on an outing!

Got to go on an outing!

Just chilling!

Just chilling!


















He gets a little sleepy from time to time and you do NOT want to be in the room when he, uh, “crop dusts” if you know what we mean.  Phew-eeeeeeee, that’s some nasty stank.

Naptime for yellows!

Naptime for yellows!









So we keep going.  We cannot tell you how much we appreciate the thoughts and prayers and karma and tweets and posts – keep ’em coming!   We’ll try to steer this blog back to fun stuff, toy reviews and stuff we really love.  Which is a lot of stuff!  Besides, Barclay’s getting a little jealous that the blog hasn’t been about him for awhile.

Hey, by the way, here’s a little thing one of our Dads wrote about their trip to Alaska:  Enjoy it and check out Marcy Preska’s writing – good stuff!




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Artery + Itis

Dads went on vacation – one that had been planned a long time and couldn’t be changed (they felt bad about going, but they did get some much-needed away time).  Barclay and Tucker stayed at home with their favorite Aunt Lady (thanks again, Aunt Lady – we love you!).  Oliver, on the other hand, got ten days at Camp Vet.

Everybody was a little concerned about Mr. O-Man after his “adventures” the week prior, but it was the best solution having him stay with the doctors while dads were away.

Oliver did really well.  Dads talked to the vets every day they could (some days there was no cell service) and Oliver did great – he was happy, healthy and charming.  On Saturday of this past weekend, everything was a-ok . . . Oliver had his staples out and was his bouncy, normal self.  Ready to come home and, believe-you-me, Dad & Dad were ANXIOUS to see him and get him home (and see B&T, too, of course).

Sunday morning the vet tech noticed that Oliver looked a little puffy and then that he had some bruises on his abdomen.  First thought was that it was an allergic reaction to something . . . which would be odd, given that he hadn’t been exposed to anything in the vet’s office.

Let’s make the long story very short — specialists were called, there were conferences and blood tests AND the pathology report came back from the biopsy from the surgery.  It is possible that Oliver has a very rare condition referred to as “Arteritis” or “Artery” plus “-itis.” Which, essentially, is a condition where the white blood cells attack the arteries as a foreign body.

This is typically diagnosed by a pathology report from a biopsy.  Oliver’s says it COULD be this issue, but it’s unclear whether the ulcer happened first and caused the arteritis or the arteritis caused the ulcer.  Given that symptoms seem to be occurring again – edema and unexplained bruising – this is the operating theory now.  It is treated with a course of steroids and “most dogs respond very well to the treatment.”

Here’s the thing – it’s so rare that there’s really no way to know what is normal or really have a strong prognosis.  We are in another “wait and see” mode.

Oliver is a little puffy and swollen and he clearly doesn’t feel well.  There’s a bit of diarrhea, some throwing up, he’s lethargic and a little wobbly.  Some of this is reaction to the steroid treatments and he’s on big doses of Benadryl, so it’s to be expected.  Once the course of treatment is done we’ll run more tests and evaluate.

Right now he’s getting a lot of love (which makes Tucker very, very jealous), a lot of sympathy and pretty much anything he wants whenever he wants it.

Barclay would very much like for all of this to be over because he’s not getting nearly enough play time.  Tucker is jealous of all the attention Oliver is getting.

We are confident in our vets, confident in Oliver’s resilience and so appreciative of everyone who’s asked about our Goofy Guy.  Who tends to take naps in the most wonderful positions and inopportune locations:

desknap desknap2


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12 Days of Buck-White Christmas. Day 8

It’s kind of a Barclay-centric post today.  Poor little guy got into something and spent all night last night and all day today running outside every hour on the hour.  Which means it’s time for the perfect formula for poopy puppies:



PLEASE BE SURE TO CHECK WITH YOUR VET before starting any kind of food supplement or treatment for your fur-kids; we’ve talked with our vet about the symptoms and issues and she agreed with us on the treatment.  We swear by The Honest Kitchen – if you don’t know them, they are definitely worth checking out.  And pumpkin can be very good for pups with digestive issues, but, again, check with your vet first.

So, without any further a-poo . . . uh, er, we mean . . . ado:

On the Eighth Day of Christmas, the Buck-Whites gave to me:

Eight Begs from Barclay











Seven Labs a Swimming








Six Cups of Kibble

dog food in a bowl on a white background







Five Ripped Up Toys








Four Tennis Balls








Three Food Bowls








Two Chewy Bones








And a Yellow Lab whose name begins with “T”

Whatever you do, don't say, "Awwwwww!"  Bet you can't avoid it.

Whatever you do, don’t say, “Awwwwww!” Bet you can’t avoid it.


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