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Happy Halloween!

It’s that time of year again!  We just wanted to wish all of you a happy and safe Halloween!

Dads tried to embarrass once again this year.  Seriously, when will they ever learn?!?

Oliver is a Bee!  Bzzzzzz!

Oliver is a Bee! Bzzzzzz!

Tucker as The Red Baron

Tucker as The Red Baron

Barclay as The Headless Horseman

Barclay as The Headless Horseman


























And OF COURSE, a reminder to keep your fur-kids and friends safe this Halloween — it’s one of the biggest times of year when pets go missing ’cause it can freak us out a little bit.

Ain't we cute?

Ain’t we cute?








Here’s Barclay’s advice from last year:

And if you don’t trust him, here’s some good words from The Humane Society:

Hope you have a PAWESOME HOWL-I-DAY!!

BWBoys Halloween Greeting


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Have Vest; Will Therapy

We’re playing fast and loose with nouns as verbs in the title, but we’re dogs – most days we’re lucky to get typing done.

We are so encouraged and excited that the Comfort Dogs are in Boston – what a wonderful way to bring some happiness to an awful situation.  If you’re looking for a way to help, maybe you could float them a tenner or two, help a Golden brother/sister out.

Of course this hits close to home as Tucker is really starting to get in the groove of this Animal Assisted Therapy stuff.


It took a little while to find his stride and the right place.  But Dad was paying attention to all the signs and picked up pretty quickly that the first place they went – a children’s reading program – was not exactly Tucker’s favorite.

Tucker-tickle2 Tucker-Tickle

He just didn’t like being forced to lie down in one spot and there was a lot of running around and coming and going and it just wasn’t his thing exactly.  But that’s ok.  Our wonderful leader  Sue had this to say about it on her blog, Love Dog Adventures.

Dad was actually pretty dejected and thought maybe this wasn’t such a good idea, but what is it the song says?  Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again.

Turns out Tucker’s really pretty good at assisted living facilities!  He gets to walk around, poke into different peoples’ rooms who are thrilled to see him and be the charming guy that he is!


Remember awhile ago we told you about the woman who said that Barclay was just like her?  Turns out she loves Tucker and Tucker loves her.  And then there’s the other woman who was just sitting in her room, kind of watching TV . . . Tucker waltzes in and she got animated, and excited and started crying as she hugged him saying, “I just love him so much!”  We’re going back to see her as often as we can.

At our last visit, Tucker was done after about 45 minutes or so.  He was, well, “Tuckered Out.”



We’re heading out the door, but there was one more visit Tucker wanted to make.  Again, from Love Dog Adventures, the story is told really well.  But basically Tucker knew there was one more visit he needed to make . . . walked into a woman’s room who was in a lot of pain, had not been very responsive all day and was waiting for someone to help her into bed.  He walked in, leaned up against her wheelchair and as she put her hand on his head she broke into the loveliest, most beautiful smile.  He just knew.



So, yeah, looks like this is going to work out really well – for Tucker and for the people he meets.  He’s rooting for those Comfort Dogs in Boston and knows they’ll be bringing a lot of much-needed joy.



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Test Day!!

We’ve been singing this song all day:

Today  Tucker is taking his test to be able to register with Pet Partners as a therapy animal team!  We blogged about it earlier and since then we’ve taken classes, done some training sessions, practiced and we’re really ready!

The registration is as a team, so it’s testing Dad and Tucker both – and they’re both pretty calm and ready to go.  The T-Man spent most of the day just bein’ chill and resting up:










Tucker does however suffer from OCDD – Obsessive Compulsive Daddy Disorder.  There are some supplies you need to be a team:










Big blanket for lying on the floor, small blanket for putting on laps, a drool cloth just in case, a brush, breath mints for Tucker, anti-bacterial lotion.  It’s like a Doggy Diaper Bag for volunteering.

The rest of us would like to go, but we’ve been told we’re a) too little and b) too rotten, so we have to wait ’til we’re older:










Now, why would anyone think we’re too rotten?


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Some Days are Just That Way

There’s a wonderful, wonderful book on human-canine interaction by Patricia McConnell called The Other End of the Leash that really delves into understanding the bond between dog and human.  If you haven’t read it or any of her work, we highly recommend doing so.  Like now.  Why are you still reading this blog?  You can get the book on or on iTunes and with an iPad or Kindle, you could be reading it right now.

The Other End of the Leash

Still here?  Good.  Thanks.  But you really should read that sometime.

The rest of today’s blog was written by Dad, so please forgive if it doesn’t that same level of juvenile canine humor you’ve come to love and expect.

Last night was pretty rough – Li’l Mr. Barclay got into something, who knows what, and turned into Barfley all night and mostly of today.  We had a great training session yesterday with Mind Your Manners, so somewhere between then and 2:00 a.m., his little tummy went all oopsy.

IMG_3818 You know the Labrador’s motto of life, right?  “Go ahead and eat it, you can always throw it up later.”

This means, of course, there was much chaos – vacuum cleaners and carpet cleaners and running around trying to catch the puke before it hits the carpet.  Everybody was a little stressed and off their game.

Then I started running late and got frantic – couldn’t find the keys, then couldn’t find the dog-treat-carrots, then almost forgot the stuff I was supposed to take.  Meanwhile Tucker has his collar on and is ready to go.  See, today was our second – and last before the big test – training session in preparation for our Pet Partner program registration.

And I’m all cocky, going. “Tucker’s GOT this.”

Nope.  Tucker most certainly did not have it today and Tucker was absolutely not interested in having it today.  See, that leash acts like a tether from dog to human and back.  And everything the human feels, that dog is going to feel (and if you’re really in tune, vice versa).  If you’re stressed, you’d better believe that dog is going to pick it up.

Tucker was definitely stressed . . . he did two things today he’s never done before.  First, on a potty break I let him go wherever he wanted — after he’d done his nasty, sinful business in the correct potty place.  He trotted all over the place, guided me back to the car and plopped his little butt down and look at the door, then at me, looked at the door, then at me.  Dude was ready to go.


I sat down on the curb and we talked a little bit and I asked him if he could push through just a little longer.  He agreed, but once we got back inside and did a couple of role playing scenario, he walked behind me, stood directly behind my legs and would. not. move.  Done, Daddy, D-U-N, done!

This is what I love about Pet Partners – and about Patricia McConnell’s book – if you really know your dog and really listen, they’ll tell you what they need or what they want.  And if your dog isn’t with it, then you don’t go visit people.  And if they’re done, man, then let them be done.   T-man was just off – and some days it’s really ok to be off.

We work with some awesome trainers that have really helped us deepen our relationships and bond with all three of The Boys.  We’re grateful, and so are the dogs.  We’re listening, boys.  And tonight we’re just all going to stay home, stay in and be a little off together.

Yes, those are Other Daddy's feet Barclay's sleeping on.

Yes, those are Other Daddy’s feet Barclay’s sleeping on.

Oliver has no dignity whatsoever.  Good for him.

Oliver has no dignity whatsoever. Good for him.

p.s.  Please do keep up with the training we’re doing on the program at Love Dog Las Vegas.


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Therapeutic Therapy

Instead of making New Year’s Resolutions in 2013, we’ve decided to focus on The Four Agreements from the book by Don Miguel Ruiz.  The first one is:

Be Impeccable With Your Word

Which, if you’re going to “speak with integrity” then you’d better do what you say and we’ve been saying for years that we were going to start volunteering with a pet therapy program.  Tucker has always seemed to have the right personality – interested in people, kind, gentle, happy, go lucky, patient.  We thought he’d be awesome at it.  He’d passed his AKC Canine Good Citizen test in 2010, but it never seemed to work out (read: Dad never picked up the phone and made it happen).

Look at this face.  See?  You feel better and happier already, right?



We’d heard about this program and finally made the leap to reach out and start the conversation with Pet Partners (formerly known as Delta Pet Partners). And through a variety of circumstances and a lot of emails, we started training this weekend with them in Las Vegas through Love Dog Adventures.

Yesterday (Saturday) was eight hours of classroom training without animals; today was two hours of training with Tucker, getting ready for our evaluation test coming up in February.  This is rigorous and intense training and nothing is left to chance.  A lot of therapy programs will just do three supervised visits after CGC and you’re off to the races.  We chose this program because it seemed more intense, safer and you have to register as a team every two years.  And we do love a good challenge.



We’re exhausted, excited, nervous and thrilled.  In just two days we’ve met incredibly passionate people and their wonderful animals, we’ve learned more about ourselves than we knew before and we cannot wait to really get into the volunteering part of it.

As part of our classroom training yesterday, we got to “shadow” a couple of the human-animal teams as they visited in a managed care facility.  We met one woman who “doesn’t like people” but she lit up when the dogs came in.  She asked me what kind of dogs we had and I showed her a picture of The Boys:



Pointing at Barclay, she said, “Why isn’t he in the middle?  You could see him better.’

I responded, “Well, he’s kind of naughty and doesn’t always do what you want him to do.”

She replied, in a whisper, “Good for him.  He’s just like me.  You tell him to keep being himself.”

See why we can’t wait to get out there?  How many more wonderful people will Tucker get to meet and how much joy can he bring to people that might not otherwise have something to smile about.

We’ll be blogging as we go about what we learn.  You can also follow along with our wonderful leader at the Love Dog Adventures blog.

Keep being amazing and Be Impeccable with Your Word.



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Toy Review – Twelve Days Tuesday

Christmas is ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!  Not that we’re excited or anything.  We’ve been busy, busy, busy and got a little behind on our blogging, so bear with us while we get caught up.

And this will really be our last “Toy Review Tuesday” of 2012 so we wanted to make it really special and share our favorite holiday toy.  Actually, it’s Barclay’s favorite holiday toy and you’ll see why in a minute.

This week’s Toy Review Tuesday – Christmas Edition features . . .

The Really-Obnoxious-Jingle-Bell-Playing-Hand-Puppet-From-Hell, or ROJBPHPFH for short.



Remember Odie from the Garfield comics?  Yeah, it kind of looks like Odie – but on meth cut with yellow snow.

This is what it does:

And this is what it makes Barclay and The Boys do:

As you can see, they love it.  Barclay loves anything that makes noise and moves.  Trouble is, when he gets a hold of it, it’s toast – so the ROJBPHPFH only comes out for very, very special occasions.

(Buck-White Boys Dad’s Note:  Let’s be really honest – this is not a dog toy and giving a dog anything that has small electronic parts, batteries, on/off switches and the like can cause a safety hazard, a potential for choking and other concerns.  Please be very careful in allowing your pets to play with anything like this.  The Boys have never been allowed to get ahold of this toy; it is only used in very, very special occasions during playtime and the boy’s are given a treat or bone following a session which is very well supervised by two responsible (a-hem, no comments, please) adults).

But it is a heckuva lotta fun when used appropriately and safely!

Thanks for helping us kick off Toy Review Tuesday this year.  If you have any favorite toys you’d like to see reviewed, let us know and we’ll be happy to take a shot at it.  Looking forward to some great toy reviews in 2013.  We’re thinking a stuffed Mayan calendar with squeakers might be a good idea.


Now it’s time to get caught up on the 12 Days of Buck-White Christmas.  And-a-one, and-a-two . . .

On the Sixth Day of Christmas, the Buck-Whites gave to me

Six cups of kibble











Five Ripped Up Toys











Four tennis balls









Don’t these look like a lot of fun from Greg Robert Pet Supplies?  Which we discovered while Googling tennis ball images.

Anyway . . . .


Three food bowls










Two chewy bones











And a yellow lab whose name begins with “T”


Puppy First Weekend 089








(yes, that’s really Tucker at 10 weeks old – breaks your heart, don’t it?)

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On the third day of Christmas . . .

It finally started to feel like Christmas today — it was cold and breezy in Vegas, we’d had about two days of rain and there is snow on the mountains all around us.  Beautiful!  But we dogs wound up cooped up all day yesterday and today ’cause, well, rain!

But, Oliver did get to go training class today!  He goes to Mind Your Manners and we LOVE Zara and are learning a LOT and really, really, really recommend it.  Especially if there’s freeze-dried sweet potato and dehydrated chicken involved!











OH! And we got to go meet Santa Paws today and tell him what we wanted for Christmas which is, duh, toys, kibble and more bye-byes in the car.











So we’re feeling much more in the holiday mood now as we hit . . . .

The Third Day of Buck-White Christmas

On the third day of Christmas, the Buck-Whites gave to me

Three food bowls









Two chewy bones


This is one of our foster sisters who came in and stole our bones, but it’s ok ’cause she found her furever home! And left our bone with us.









And a yellow lab whose name begins with “T”


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